Easter Fun

I know, I know.  Easter was almost two weeks ago.  However, this blog is a scrapbook/photo album/journal/baby book  for our family (because seriously, I've not done ONE single thing on paper to record our memories) so I have to post this.

We never got around to dying eggs this year.  Last year Derrick was too little and I know he would have enjoyed it this year, but with his birthday party the day before Easter, my gimpy foot and the baby coming, we just never got around to it.  Who knows, if I come across some egg dye still sitting on the shelves somewhere we just may still dye eggs this year.  Better late than never, right? 

So while we didn't dye eggs, we did make an egg tree!  Derrick LOVED it!

He had a great time digging through this box of eggs I had left over from my classroom. (Along with some other random holiday things that got thrown in there.  Oops.)

He was grabbing eggs as fast as I could get the string in them.

He checked them out to see which egg he wanted to start with,

and proudly carried it right over to the tree and hung it all by himself.

He kept coming back telling me, "Mommy, need more string in it." 

When I asked him if he needed help he responded, "Mommy, no thank you," and put his little arm out to block me from helping.  (Where did he learn that??)

He was proud of his work.

Much to my surprise, he kept at it.  I was expecting to be stuck doing most of this project by myself,  

but was very pleasantly surprised to have the company and assistance of my little man!

He took his job quite seriously,

and worked hard to make sure all of the tree was decorated.

As far as he could reach, at least.
 Some areas were a little more decorated than others, but that's ok.

 It was his tree and he wanted it heavily decorated on the one bottom branch.  He doesn't like things all matchy-matchy. :)
Soon after this picture there was a small meltdown that resulted in the egg tree decorating party ending a little early. (It was almost 8pm, after all.) I did end up adding more eggs to the top.  We had at least 100 eggs on the tree and it turned out really cute and colorful.  Shamefully, I could go outside right now and take a picture of the completed tree, but that would really prove that I'm almost two weeks behind in taking it down!  ;)

On Easter, the Easter Bunny stopped by to see D after nap time.  Thankfully he knew better than to come before church!

D was excited to check out his goods.  He got some bathtub finger paint, new markers and paintbrushes, a new cup and a set of golf clubs.

His favorite though, and the real reason we were so happy that the EB knew better than to come first thing in the morning...

The ring pops.  And one just wasn't enough!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter and celebrated what the day is really all about!


  1. Love the egg tree :-) Do you know what's funny? The Easter Bunny didn't show up at our house until after church either hahaha I kept hearing parents talking about their kids getting up at 5:00 AM that day . . .in this house, that is not happening LOL

  2. This post made me laugh! So cute :)