Job Title Change

As of 12pm today I had an official job title change.

From part time Adult Education teacher to...... 
full time stay-at-home mom!! 

I'm so, super duper excited! :)  I'm sure it will only take a few days for Derrick to ask when he's going to Ms. Carol's though.  I think he gets tired of me after too many days in a row.  Ha!

My students gave me a shower today, which was totally unexpected and very sweet.  Adult Ed is a whole different world from the regular classroom.  It's different (and somewhat unpredictable) every day.  It's a little more difficult to build the same types of relationships in an AE classroom that you have in a traditional classroom.  Kids give feedback...even when you don't ask for it.  :)  They draw pictures, bring gifts (sometimes interesting ones :), give hugs, yell and throw things, whatever...but they usually let you know how they feel about you.  Adults, however, not as much.  So today was extra special that they went that extra mile to let me know that I'll be missed.  And they'll definitely be missed too.  

But I have to admit, I'm so very excited to be able to see this little face every single morning...
(even though it is a little messy! :)

and excited to be able to spend the days with my babies.  (Wow, that sounds crazy!)  I've learned over the past two years just how quickly time flies.  It seems like just a few weeks ago I was saying goodbye to my fifth graders and preparing for D's birth.  Now we're preparing for his SISTER and he's already TWO years old!  I don't want to miss another second.  It's totally worth the sacrifices that will have to be made and the sometimes long days ahead being home alone with two small children.  I know before I blink twice that we'll be sending D off to kindergarten, so I need the days to last as long as possible...because I'm nowhere near ready for that!!



  1. I will miss you at work, but I am very excited for your next phase in life. I loved being a stay home mom - it is the best job ever! I cannot wait to see the newest Carter!

  2. SO excited for you, Shannon!!

  3. Woohoo!!! Welcome to the mommy club, the coolest one ever! Seriously, I'm so happy for you, and can't wait to read about the new adventure. :)

    Cassie Bradley

  4. Yay!!! Welcome aboard the crazy train that is stay at home mommy land!!! Ha!!! It is a wonderful experience to get to have but hang onto your seat girl....woo it can get crazy some days...especially with TWO kids!

  5. So excited for you - you will be so glad you made this choice and yes, it is a crazy train sometimes! You have great support though - I've made that transition and survivied! ha!

  6. Yay!! So happy for you!! It's super duper awesome, which I'm sure you will see pretty quickly! I would have never pictured myself as one, but am SO thankful that is the road God lead me down.

  7. A decision you will NEVER forget. <3 If you ever want to know fun ways or super cool places to entertain your 2 lovely kiddos, lemme know! I stayed home with Hunter for 3 years and we did something fun everyday.
    Miss you guys <3 <3 <3

  8. Yay! Enjoy this new chapter in your life!

  9. I am going to miss my little guy. Bailey will too. After the great news about Justin, he can still bring him by for play dates, that way mommy can have an occasional morning to just her and the new baby. Thanks to all of our great customers who really trust and have total faith in Justin, the super Pharmacist. Carol Hinze

  10. You've just accepted the job of a lifetime...enjoy every second of it! It's the best job EVER!!

    And remember that we need pictures documenting every momentous occasion (you know, all of your promotions :)

    Remember, too, that others have held this position and lived to tell about it...there will be days when this information is really, really important...

    Kati, Rocky, Evan & Brycen

  11. That is fantastic news, Shannon! I'm so excited for you and this new "job"!