Push Pop Cupcakes and a Prayer Request

While I was planning Derrick's birthday party I came across an adorable new "must have" in the cupcake world.  {In my opinion, anyway!}

Push Pop Cupcakes!

Once I saw them I had to have them, so I scoured the internet until I could call some of those adorable little plastic containers my own (from here).  I counted down the days until they arrived (as Justin rolled his eyes at my desperate need for these push pop containers :). 

After the party we had some left-overs, and this guy had been itching to try them.

They were just as good as he imagined they would be. 

He couldn't get enough of the ooey-gooey green icing

and quickly figured out that all he needed to do was push the stick up to get more.


We enjoyed a good fifteen minutes or so of calm,



push pop cupcake time,

or should I say

icing time,

before all of the super



was all gone,

and it was on to the next adventure.

I can barely keep up with this wild man!

Wednesday Derrick has his three month cardiology appointment.  I know in my heart everything is fine, but sometimes my mind gets the best of me.  We're praying that everything looks just as good as it always has and that we'll get another "see ya in three months" from the doctor.  It will be nice to get this behind us so we can enjoy BOTH of our little ones for a while before Dr. Shuler is looming again.  We sure would appreciate your prayers for a good, thorough report AND cooperation.   Because seriously, cooperation has been kind of slim around here! 



  1. Those look awesome! So, where did you find those push up thingy's?

  2. Love the push pop cupcakes! How CUTE!!!! You should totally share the link with us for where we too can get our own push pop containers!!

    Will be saying many prayers for Derrick's cardiology check up!

  3. Adorable! My kids would love those too!

    Praying for lots of cooperation on Wednesday. Hope all goes well!

  4. So cute! The cupcakes look so yummy and looks like Derrick thoroughly enjoyed his! I hope/pray you get a good cardi report - I know how much stress that would alleviate right before your new baby - it's exactly what I wanted too.

  5. So cute, I have been dying for some of these!!

  6. My prayers are definitely with you for a very good checkup tomorrow.

  7. We are seriously on the same track, friend! Luke's 6-month cardiology checkup is tomorrow as well. We'll be praying for Derrick!

  8. I'll be praying for Derrick and for you tomorrow!

  9. The push up pops were so cute at his party! Quite a neat find!

    Praying for your sweet boy as always and hoping for some precious (worry-less) time together as a family of FOUR soon!