We're waiting.

I'm not such a good waiter, especially with no real date to wait on.  This girl is teasing me and I can barely take it!  I've had a few contractions and I was quite certain I was going into labor Saturday night.  I had myself convinced I was, anyway.  Nope.  

Then I was terrified to go to church Sunday morning because I was sure that my water would break right there in church.  Or Sunday School.  How beyond embarrassing would that be?!  We stayed home instead.

It's Monday.  Still nothing.

Yes, I'm still one week (today) away from my due date, but this is a whole new experience for me.  With Derrick I had an induction date.  I knew for sure when he was coming and there were no signs of him coming early at all.  He wasn't ready when they made him come!  Jenny Kate...I can tell already, she just can't make up her mind.  Kinda ready, kinda not.  But she wants us to be ready and waiting on her...sounds like she's all girl to me!

While we've been waiting we've been trying to get some things crossed off the list...
  • Our bags are packed.  
  • Jenny Kate's car seat is ready and on the way to the car right now.
My friend Ms. Pat re-covered D's car seat for Jenny Kate.  I am so in love with it!  She did a FANTASTIC job!! :)
  • The house is clean.  Enough.
  • The garden will be finished today.
  • The refrigerator has been cleaned out and the strawberries I bought at the local farmer's stand have been sliced and frozen.  We had to cheat this year and let them pick our strawberries...it just wasn't in the cards this time.  But OH MY they are the BEST strawberries in the world!  Huge, HUGE difference from grocery store strawberries!!  This is the second round I've bought.  The first time I ate so many that I thought I may be developing an allergy.  It was that bad.  But so was the pollen and I think that was the issue.  Whew! 
  • All of the laundry is done.  Well, until everyone wakes up and changes clothes that is.  
  • Derrick's DD and "water shirt" are clean and, "They're feeling better now," he says.  If all it takes for him to feel comfortable while we're gone is a clean blanket and "water shirt" then this adjustment is going to be a piece of cake.  Yep.
  • Derrick has decorated his big brother gift (and absolutely LOVED using "real" markers!!). 

I think this is all he colored on this side of the box.  He pointed to the bear's shirt and said, "That's Jenny 'Tate's' heart."  It sure did melt mine! Sweet boy!

That's about it for now.  We'll see what we get accomplished today...while we wait.  Come on, Jenny Kate!  Come on!!



  1. We will be praying you go soon! The car seat looks ADORABLE! I never had even thought about changing the cover!!


  2. Cute update Shannon! I can't wait to meet Jenny Kate too! Hurry up baby girl!!

  3. Im with you in the trenches girlfriend. Described it to a friend as feeling like "a time bomb waiting to go off". Dont you just feel like everyone is watching waiting for you to "pop"?
    Im SOOOO excited for you JK to make her debut. Praying peace and rest for you in these final days...or hours:) Cant wait to hear that she's HERE!!

  4. Can't wait to hear the news! :) Did you guys get a new car seat for her? We are debating about using the same one we did for Andrew, but it's not "girly" enough for me! :) I love Jenny Kate's! How cute! :) Praying for peace while you wait and for Jenny Kate to come at the perfect time! :)


  5. Jenny Kate is following directions properly...her auntie Amy asked that she not make her debut until we were back from the mountains! She is making sure that her future husband Parker is safely home so she can meet him for the very first time! You know that he will need to greet her properly with a bow tie and flowers! That's this Friday....Parker is patiently waiting on her like a true gentleman! I do believe that her BIG BROTHER would approve! I am so excited! I can hardly stand the anticipation! Praying all goes well and just know that blessings are falling all around you...Love you Lady!!! Hang in there!

  6. I can't imagine how hard the wait would be-I am so impatient as it is! Hope you can relax and I also hope she comes soon! :)