Movie Night

Last night we had our very first movie night. 

Derrick went with me to the store to pick out the snacks...white cheddar popcorn...mmmm....

The must see movie...

CARS!  He hadn't seen it yet so it was a must see since Cars 2 came out this week.  He loves all of the characters but didn't have a clue who they were until tonight.  Mater is his fave!

This guy was so excited he could barely stand it.  Not as much about the movie as the snacks!

In the beginning he was all about it, but about 20 minutes was all this little busy body could stand.  

It looks like we'll probably be waiting until Cars 2 comes out on dvd.  Ha! 

Jenny Kate wasn't super thrilled about the movie either.

She did wake up for the last inning of the College World Series to hear that the Gamecocks are the National Champs!!

For the second year in a row!  Woo hoo!!



A Wetsuit

Back in March, when we went to the Great Wolf Lodge, I had a little reality check.  We were so excited to take Derrick to an indoor water park where the temperature was regulated at a toasty 84 degrees.  Derrick LOVES the water.  The problem is, other than at bath time, the water is usually too cold for our very slim, less-than-perfect-circulation little guy.

Derrick loved playing in the water, but after only a few minutes our little blueberry would be shivering and asking for a "towvel" because he was too cold.  I must admit that after wrapping him up over and over I couldn't help but look around at all the kids laughing and squealing and enjoying the water so much and not have a pang of jealousy...a little pity, and a lot of heartbreak.  I stood there holding D in his wet towel and had to hide my head because I couldn't stop the tears.  It wasn't fair that he couldn't even enjoy an indoor water park!

There are many things that we are well aware of that Derrick will not be able to do.  He won't be able to play football, run cross country (most likely), or play seriously competitive sports.  His heart won't let him.  We've known all of these things from the very first day we found out the details of his heart before he was born, and we can deal with that.  

No one ever told us about the difficulty he would have with regulating his body temperature.  A large part of that is probably due to his lack of body fat, but I'm sure some of it is because he has a much lower oxygen saturation than the "normal" person.  My boy LOVES the water.  We will have to tell him "no" to so many things, but to swimming too?  The one thing he really, really loves?  No way!

The first night we were at the Great Wolf we went out on a search.  Justin was determined that we could find a solution to the problem.  We searched every store that sold swimming or surfing gear and found nothing that would work for a 20lb kid.  One guy working in one of the stores, who was a surfer, tried so hard to help us.  We typically don't go around telling everyone all the details of Derrick and his heart unless it comes up for some reason because we don't want anyone feeling sorry for him.  He wanted to know why we were looking for a wetsuit for him (because we obviously don't fit the surfer "stereotype"), so we told him about D's heart.  You could see the pain in his eyes for our little D who loves the water so much, because this guy loved it too.  He gave us a lot of great ideas about how to get a suit for D and what to look for, and the search began.

As soon as we got home Justin got online and found a few options.  Not many of them were exactly what we were looking for (and we now had a lot of knowledge from the surfer guy we met), but there was one definite winner.  

Is this not the most adorable little wetsuit you've ever seen?!

It came from Buell Wetsuits and it is AWESOME!  Seriously, it has saved our summer! :)  In his wetsuit he doesn't get blue and shivery.  He doesn't ask to get out of the water...he gets ANGRY when he has to get out!  And it's super bright so you can spot him from anywhere.  It is perfection! 

Bring on the pool!!  :)



Somebody's Looking at Me!!

Yesterday Justin was in the kitchen and said he felt strange, like someone was watching him. He looked out the window and saw this guy...
I ran to get the camera and this was the best shot we could get of him (especially through the really-needs-to-be-cleaned window).  As soon as I opened the door to try to see him better he was gone.  Owls do have great ears!  We'll have to keep an eye out for him.  I don't think I've ever seen an owl in real life that wasn't at the zoo.  One of the fun things about living out in the woods I guess!

I'm glad y'all liked yesterdays picture.  Ha!  To answer a few questions...

We're not actively potty training yet, although D loves to "pee pee in the potty."  He's done it a few times and on occasion will tell us he needs to go, but I'm just not ready to tackle that hard core yet.  I need a few more weeks...is that bad?  He does love to "pee pee outside" and takes advantage of that as often as possible!  Another perk of living in the woods.  ;)  And maybe it helps keep the deer away from the garden....yeah, that's why we let him do it!  

Anyway, when the picture was taken he had just gotten out of the bathtub.  He ran in the kitchen and jumped up on the stool and asked for some cheese.  We both thought those little cheeks were too cute and just too funny not to keep forever.  I know, I know, he's going to hate this blog one day!

And just because I love 'em...

Here's Jenny Kate on free smoothie day enjoying her nap in the fresh air.  I love the "jeggings" but I saw on the Today Show that they're so "last year."  That's ok, I think they're adorable! :)  She'll probably only get one more wear out of them anyway.
And Derrick and his latest boo boo...
He earned this one going down the bumpy slide at the park head first.  He ate some wood chips for that one!  This boy is going to be one big scar before he's four!  I do realize that he has his shirt on inside out and backwards, but he dressed himself so I let go.  And you know what?  That happens to be a "watershirt" (tye-dye...more on that coming soon) which is also so "last year" according to the Today Show.  I guess we're pretty behind, huh? Ha! Oh well!



Jenny Kate's First Month

Dear Jenny Kate,

You are ONE MONTH old today!
(Well, technically it was Sunday, but you'll learn quickly that I'm ALWAYS late! ;)

I can't believe it.  We have enjoyed this first month of your life so, so much sweet girl. It's been quite a transition going from one to two, but we're figuring it out.  You're a little trooper and pretty much go with the flow...unless it's time to eat!

As of today you weigh 9 lbs, 12 ounces.  You're quickly outgrowing your newborn clothes and can wear some 0-3 month outfits now.  They're still a little big, but the newborn clothes are getting snug so we're moving on.  You've also outgrown your newborn diapers and are officially in size one.

You are an eater and I love it! You eat between 3 1/2 and 4 ounces at each feeding.  There's no playing around when you get hungry and you're pretty much like clockwork. If you start screaming we can tell precisely what time it is...exactly three hours from the last time you ate! 

You go from sleeping to screaming with no warning in between. According to your cry, when you're hungry we should have gotten your bottle ready thirty minutes ago. No warnings...no whimpers, moans, squirming...just all out belting! But as soon as we give you that bottle you're a happy girl.

You've gotten some pretty good front-to-back head control. You lift that head and look around like a big girl. The side-to-side control isn't quite there yet, but you're working on it.

I'm pretty sure you love your big brother. He loves to hold you, and even though he's not the best baby holder in the world, you don't usually fuss when you're on his lap. (And seriously, there's not way you could be comfortable most of the time.) You just lie there and look at him, taking him in. I think the two of you have a pretty strong bond already and that is a huge answered prayer for daddy and me!

You are loud! You make noise all the time, especially when you're sleeping or eating. When you cry, everyone anywhere close by knows you're not happy. When we were at your two week check up Dr. Bonnett told us we had "a loud one" when you started crying. Oh yes, we know! :)

You've started "talking" a little. When you're happy and awake you'll look at us and "ooh" and "ahh." It's such a sweet little sound.

You're a pretty good sleeper at night. You usually sleep around 4.5 hours at a time and fall right back to sleep after your 4:30 feeding. Usually. {Let's not change that just because I'm writing it, ok?!}

Everyone is so amazed by your hair. I'm surprised you still have any because no one can keep their hands out if it, especially Derrick!  I was able to get one of the little alligator clip bows in it this weekend and it actually stayed for a while.  It's gotten thicker and a little lighter since you were born.  I wonder if it will stay dark...

You were officially diagnosed as a reflux baby today.  :(  I was hoping that you'd be able to avoid that, but we have some medicine for you and hopefully it will start getting better very soon.  I hate to see you cry when you eat (and I'm not a fan of all of the vomiting either!).  We'll get you better soon, girl!

Jenny Kate, you are such a sweet baby and we all love you so much.  You are the perfect addition to our family and are exactly what and who I imagined you would be.  You are a feisty little thing already and you know exactly what you want and how to get it (which you demonstrated quite well even while you were in my tummy!).  Even though you're only a month old, I have a hard time remembering what it was like before you were here.  You make our little family just perfect!

We love you to the moon and back!

Mommy and Daddy


Happy Father's Day

to the very best daddy we know!!!



Summer Fun and a Lesson Learned

 I was so proud of myself a couple of weeks ago taking both of the kids (that still sounds so weird!) out alone.  Justin was working and he was going to meet us over at Jess and Scott's for a cookout once he got off.  

The kids had a great time playing in the pool,

throwing water balloons,

 blowing bubbles,

and just hanging out.

Until disaster struck.

 We had to call for back up. 

Jenny Kate had a blow out.  And guess what I never finished putting in the diaper bag the night before?  Yep, you guessed it!  A change of clothes.  Ugh!  

It took three of us girls to get her cleaned up.  How something so little can do something so big just blows my mind!  

Justin had to go home and bring clothes for this girl before he came to eat.  So she sat snuggled on the deck, watching the big kids play until her clothing arrived. 

Lesson learned.....
Always have a change of clothes AND 
never think you actually have it together!
Got it...the hard way.  Oops! :)



Splish Splash She Was Taking a Bath!

Our girl got her first real bath yesterday! 

Isn't this froggy cover genius!?  {Thanks Reagan! :) }

I think she was a little confused at first,

but she didn't mind getting scrubbed on.

Jenny Kate already understands how great it feels when someone else washes your hair. 

Our girl all fresh and clean!

And daddy enjoyed soaking it all in!