Jenny Kate's First Month

Dear Jenny Kate,

You are ONE MONTH old today!
(Well, technically it was Sunday, but you'll learn quickly that I'm ALWAYS late! ;)

I can't believe it.  We have enjoyed this first month of your life so, so much sweet girl. It's been quite a transition going from one to two, but we're figuring it out.  You're a little trooper and pretty much go with the flow...unless it's time to eat!

As of today you weigh 9 lbs, 12 ounces.  You're quickly outgrowing your newborn clothes and can wear some 0-3 month outfits now.  They're still a little big, but the newborn clothes are getting snug so we're moving on.  You've also outgrown your newborn diapers and are officially in size one.

You are an eater and I love it! You eat between 3 1/2 and 4 ounces at each feeding.  There's no playing around when you get hungry and you're pretty much like clockwork. If you start screaming we can tell precisely what time it is...exactly three hours from the last time you ate! 

You go from sleeping to screaming with no warning in between. According to your cry, when you're hungry we should have gotten your bottle ready thirty minutes ago. No warnings...no whimpers, moans, squirming...just all out belting! But as soon as we give you that bottle you're a happy girl.

You've gotten some pretty good front-to-back head control. You lift that head and look around like a big girl. The side-to-side control isn't quite there yet, but you're working on it.

I'm pretty sure you love your big brother. He loves to hold you, and even though he's not the best baby holder in the world, you don't usually fuss when you're on his lap. (And seriously, there's not way you could be comfortable most of the time.) You just lie there and look at him, taking him in. I think the two of you have a pretty strong bond already and that is a huge answered prayer for daddy and me!

You are loud! You make noise all the time, especially when you're sleeping or eating. When you cry, everyone anywhere close by knows you're not happy. When we were at your two week check up Dr. Bonnett told us we had "a loud one" when you started crying. Oh yes, we know! :)

You've started "talking" a little. When you're happy and awake you'll look at us and "ooh" and "ahh." It's such a sweet little sound.

You're a pretty good sleeper at night. You usually sleep around 4.5 hours at a time and fall right back to sleep after your 4:30 feeding. Usually. {Let's not change that just because I'm writing it, ok?!}

Everyone is so amazed by your hair. I'm surprised you still have any because no one can keep their hands out if it, especially Derrick!  I was able to get one of the little alligator clip bows in it this weekend and it actually stayed for a while.  It's gotten thicker and a little lighter since you were born.  I wonder if it will stay dark...

You were officially diagnosed as a reflux baby today.  :(  I was hoping that you'd be able to avoid that, but we have some medicine for you and hopefully it will start getting better very soon.  I hate to see you cry when you eat (and I'm not a fan of all of the vomiting either!).  We'll get you better soon, girl!

Jenny Kate, you are such a sweet baby and we all love you so much.  You are the perfect addition to our family and are exactly what and who I imagined you would be.  You are a feisty little thing already and you know exactly what you want and how to get it (which you demonstrated quite well even while you were in my tummy!).  Even though you're only a month old, I have a hard time remembering what it was like before you were here.  You make our little family just perfect!

We love you to the moon and back!

Mommy and Daddy



  1. Aw she is so adorable! Congrats on spending your first month together bonding. Luke turned one month on Saturday and I am also late updating the blog - lol! Love your pics she is so sweet!

  2. She is just so sweet! Thanks for sharing - I enjoyed reading this; new babies are just so special!

  3. Happy 1 month Jenny Kate! You are soo beautiful!!

  4. She is absolutely adorable!! Sounds like Jenny Kate is going to be a firecracker like my Zoe Cate!! Oh girl, get ready!!! :)

  5. She is just beautiful and I could not agree more that she is a perfect addition to your sweet family!

    Kati, Rocky, Evan & Brycen

  6. Happy 1 Month Jenny Kate!! She is truly precious Shannon!!! Praying her reflux gets better. That is such an awful thing to watch your baby go through!

  7. I love the journal, Shannon. It's so beautiful, and something you will all treasure for years to come, especially Jenny Kate. She's such a beautiful baby. It sounds like she had a fabulous first month. Many, many, many more to come. *hugs*


  8. Happy 1 Month Jenny Kate!! She is SO precious! Love all the adorable pics =)

  9. Wow, how does time go so fast?? I can't believe she's been here a month already! That just means mine is on the way SUPER soon! I am getting nervous! :) Ha! Jenny Kate is so adorable! I love the pink blanket (or pillow?) with her monogram. How fun!