Movie Night

Last night we had our very first movie night. 

Derrick went with me to the store to pick out the snacks...white cheddar popcorn...mmmm....

The must see movie...

CARS!  He hadn't seen it yet so it was a must see since Cars 2 came out this week.  He loves all of the characters but didn't have a clue who they were until tonight.  Mater is his fave!

This guy was so excited he could barely stand it.  Not as much about the movie as the snacks!

In the beginning he was all about it, but about 20 minutes was all this little busy body could stand.  

It looks like we'll probably be waiting until Cars 2 comes out on dvd.  Ha! 

Jenny Kate wasn't super thrilled about the movie either.

She did wake up for the last inning of the College World Series to hear that the Gamecocks are the National Champs!!

For the second year in a row!  Woo hoo!!