Somebody's Looking at Me!!

Yesterday Justin was in the kitchen and said he felt strange, like someone was watching him. He looked out the window and saw this guy...
I ran to get the camera and this was the best shot we could get of him (especially through the really-needs-to-be-cleaned window).  As soon as I opened the door to try to see him better he was gone.  Owls do have great ears!  We'll have to keep an eye out for him.  I don't think I've ever seen an owl in real life that wasn't at the zoo.  One of the fun things about living out in the woods I guess!

I'm glad y'all liked yesterdays picture.  Ha!  To answer a few questions...

We're not actively potty training yet, although D loves to "pee pee in the potty."  He's done it a few times and on occasion will tell us he needs to go, but I'm just not ready to tackle that hard core yet.  I need a few more weeks...is that bad?  He does love to "pee pee outside" and takes advantage of that as often as possible!  Another perk of living in the woods.  ;)  And maybe it helps keep the deer away from the garden....yeah, that's why we let him do it!  

Anyway, when the picture was taken he had just gotten out of the bathtub.  He ran in the kitchen and jumped up on the stool and asked for some cheese.  We both thought those little cheeks were too cute and just too funny not to keep forever.  I know, I know, he's going to hate this blog one day!

And just because I love 'em...

Here's Jenny Kate on free smoothie day enjoying her nap in the fresh air.  I love the "jeggings" but I saw on the Today Show that they're so "last year."  That's ok, I think they're adorable! :)  She'll probably only get one more wear out of them anyway.
And Derrick and his latest boo boo...
He earned this one going down the bumpy slide at the park head first.  He ate some wood chips for that one!  This boy is going to be one big scar before he's four!  I do realize that he has his shirt on inside out and backwards, but he dressed himself so I let go.  And you know what?  That happens to be a "watershirt" (tye-dye...more on that coming soon) which is also so "last year" according to the Today Show.  I guess we're pretty behind, huh? Ha! Oh well!



  1. I still laugh when I think about that picture. And yes, it is fine about not potty training ;-) LOL My 2 1/2 year old likes to sit on the potty so he can use the paper and flush but he hasn't peed in it yet. He'll pee standing in the bathtub during bathtime (I know, gross) but that's it! I've always heard that when they are ready, it happens within days so I figured, why fight it for months and months and make it more work for me!! Both my kids will run from the bathtub naked so I understand completly!!! Love all the pictures - so much summer fun!!

  2. Love the pictures of the kids, Shannon. And the one yesterday of Derrick was priceless.

  3. Both my boys were three when they were ready to be potty trained. Some kids go sooner but with boys, in my opinion, you kind of have to let them lead the way on that one.

    Love the inside out shirt. Funny!!!

    The owl pic reminds me of our house. We live in a timber setting and see owls, hawks and turkey vultures all the time. When we go to the zoo Wyatt is always begging me to take pictures of them and I have to remind him that we see those birds every day. We don't need a picture to remind ourselves of what is flying overhead. Ha!

  4. Wow, that owl was big!
    Loved the pic from yesterday - too cute! Liam loves to run around naked after bath time...it's pretty funny how they get a kick out of it!