Summer Fun and a Lesson Learned

 I was so proud of myself a couple of weeks ago taking both of the kids (that still sounds so weird!) out alone.  Justin was working and he was going to meet us over at Jess and Scott's for a cookout once he got off.  

The kids had a great time playing in the pool,

throwing water balloons,

 blowing bubbles,

and just hanging out.

Until disaster struck.

 We had to call for back up. 

Jenny Kate had a blow out.  And guess what I never finished putting in the diaper bag the night before?  Yep, you guessed it!  A change of clothes.  Ugh!  

It took three of us girls to get her cleaned up.  How something so little can do something so big just blows my mind!  

Justin had to go home and bring clothes for this girl before he came to eat.  So she sat snuggled on the deck, watching the big kids play until her clothing arrived. 

Lesson learned.....
Always have a change of clothes AND 
never think you actually have it together!
Got it...the hard way.  Oops! :)



  1. Know my day is comin' :)
    I forgot my nursing cover out the other day...that was my lesson:)

    Absolutely LOVE her little black dress onesie:) SOOO CUTE!!

  2. Mason has had on one of Carter's size 6 diapers before, LOL!

  3. You guys make beautiful children! Jenny Kate is so pretty! Love that little black dress, too!

  4. Ha!! Sorry, for laughing Shannon but honestly it has happened to the best of us mommies.