Two Weeks

It's been two weeks since our baby girl made her entrance into this world, and what a whirlwind it's been!  I can't believe she's already two weeks old, and at the same time it's hard to believe she's only been here two weeks.  We haven't quite settled in to a routine yet, but things are starting to feel a little more normal.  I think both of us are a little less on edge as we've gotten more accustomed to such a tiny person sharing our home. 

Derrick is still loving her to pieces, and he's gotten better about being so rambunctious around her.  I guess some of the newness is starting to wear off...thank goodness!  He no longer has the intense desire to rub her head every second of the day, just periodically, which is much less stressful.  :)  Jenny Kate is one of the first things he talks about when he wakes up in the morning or from his nap and he's always anxious to see her right away.  When he comes downstairs he goes straight to her swing to check on her.  If she's not there he asks about her immediately.  He's already a protective big brother and that makes her daddy very happy!

Since Jenny Kate's birth, I can't help but think about how different things were this time around.  Tomorrow we will have been home for two entire weeks with our girl.  She will be fifteen days old, and fourteen of those days we have been home.  With Derrick we didn't come home until he was sixteen days old (which I know is super fast when it comes to kids like him).  The number of times we had held him at this point could probably be counted on our fingers, while the number of times we've put Jenny Kate down could probably be counted on our fingers! 

These entire two weeks we have been "first time parents."  We didn't have the opportunity of taking care of Derrick ourselves at this point in his life.  These first couple of weeks with Jenny Kate have been a totally new experience for us. 

Wonderful, but new. 

And while it's been absolutely amazing having her home from the beginning, the most amazingly, wonderfully fantastic experience I've ever had in my life was this moment...

Pure joy.  Amazement.  Such a miracle.

I held her, at less than a minute old, with pure gratitude.   No overwhelming fear this time, just joy and thankfulness.

But I'm thankful for the fear I had to experience as I held Derrick for the first time,

because it made me truly appreciate this second precious gift we've been blessed with even more.  

Our little family is healthy, happy, and complete.  I couldn't be more thankful...even at 3 am.  ;)



  1. I love this, Shannon! I've said over and over that I'll feel like a first time parent when, and if, baby #2 comes along.

    Enjoy that sweet girl and her wonderful big brother :)

  2. Thank you for continuing to share your joyous news with us. I love to hear how wonderful Derrick is as a big brother. Keep enjoying all of life's precious moments.


  3. Ah, I love hearing this and seeing the sweet pictures! It is just so hard to imagine myself doing this in about 5 weeks! I am praying for a different experience than the first time around, but I am also grateful for our first one- you are so right in that it makes you appreciate this even more. Love hearing the updates and glad things are going well! :) Keep em coming!

  4. Absolutely beautiful Shannon. I am tearing up because I am so happy that you have been given the chance to experience a normal childbirth and a healthy baby. Pure Joy!!!

    Wyatt was the same way about Logan. So fascinated and always wanting to be near him.

  5. So sweet...your words brought me tears too. Someday I hope to experience the second "first time mom" experience and be able to truly appreciate it. Your pictures show so much joy and love...such a precious family you have!

  6. So so so happy for you guys! What a blessing from God she is for your family and oh-so-awesome to hold her and never have to let her go! Yay!!!!!

  7. I love all the sweet pictures of your baby girl. I feel so bad that I haven't made it by to see you. We were going to try and call you yesterday between orthodontist appt. and hair cuts, but time was running short and then Brett was suppose to be back for graduation. (which got moved inside and he ended up not playing with the band) She is so sweet! We'll see you soon.

  8. Hi, I follow your blog but have never commented.

    I just want to say how precious the picture of you and your husband with baby girl is, and I love that you can tell they you have both been crying. Blessings to your new addition.