I may be a little biased

but I think this may be one of the cutest faces I've ever seen!  :)
This was Jenny Kate this morning while we were waiting to be called back for therapy.  She was pretty stoked that her therapist said she could see some improvement!





it's what we're working on!

P.S. Thank you all SO MUCH for all of the sweet comments, emails, and phone calls about Jenny Kate.  It's great to know that so many of your babies have already gone through torticollis and they're all just perfect!  That's one of the greatest things about blogging...sharing stories and support.  I love it!


A Curve Ball

I'm glad y'all enjoyed the pics of our girl!  She's growing and changing so quickly I can hardly stand it.  Of course, as she grows, she's also started with the curve balls...

The other day we had to take Jenny Kate in to see Dr. B for her reflux.  She was still screaming right before she'd throw up what appeared to be about half of her bottle every time she ate, and she was just plain miserable.  He increased her Axid and she's been a much happier little girl ever since. 

(Derrick likes to lie on the table with Jenny Kate at the doctor's office.  I think now he thinks that we only go to Dr. B for Jenny Kate.  Uh oh! :)

While we were there (this visit was only supposed to be a weight check b/c of the reflux), Dr. B checked her over quickly and then asked me if I'd noticed anything about her head.  I told him that I noticed that she always sleeps with her head turned to the right and that I thought her head seemed a little flat on that side.  I started to get a little nervous when he got quiet and was studying her as he moved her head from side to side. 

"She has torticollis," he told me.

Torta what?!  I was thinking to myself.  He went on to explain that it's a condition where the child has limited neck motion because of shortening of the neck (sternocleidomastoid) muscle.  Ugh.  He said it was probably caused by the way she was positioned in utero and was totally treatable with therapy. He said hopefully as she grows and gains more movement in her neck that her head shape would self correct.  He told me a therapist would contact us and we would go from there.  

Two days later we were at the pediatric orthopedic clinic for therapy.  The therapist evaluated her and gave us a lot of exercises to do at home.  She asked us if Dr. B had talked to us about banding to help correct her head shape and I told her that he said hopefully it would self correct.  I didn't like the way she said, "Oh, ok."  

During the evaluation the therapist said Jenny Kate had some asymetrical movements, that it appeared that the left side of her torso was shorter than the right, and that one leg (can't remember which one) turned out instead of lying like it was supposed to.  She said that torticollis can be the reason her eyes are still crossing sometimes.  She said she's a little behind on head control and that she wasn't tracking as well as she should.  (I asked Dr. B about all of the issues mentioned while we were at her well visit and he was not concerned with any of them, which made me feel better.)   

On the bright side, Jenny Kate had a massage during therapy to help loosen up her neck muscles so we could work on getting her to turn her had all the way to the left.

It was crazy to see how her neck responded and her head turned so much easier while she was being massaged. ( I got a little jealous that she got a massage and I had to watch. Ha!)  We left the clinic with a plan of coming to therapy twice a week. 

I am going to be completely honest here.  When we were at the desk checking out it hit me.  I don't know if it was knowing we were going to have to have therapy twice a week, if it was the price that this therapy was going to cost, if it was the fact that there was no way we could do therapy on the days Justin works because Derrick would NOT be able to control himself around all of the "fun" therapy contraptions that were hanging from the ceiling, if it was the realization that again, our child is not "normal" or if it was the postpartum hormones that are still hanging around, but I stood at that checkout window and cried.  

Ridiculous, I know.

Poor Justin.  He probably wanted to pretend that he didn't know me.

I really wanted to throw a pity party for a minute.  I wanted to ask why in the world we couldn't have a child that only needed to go to the doctor for well visits and an occasional ear infection, why our schedule had to again revolve around therapy appointments instead of play dates, and why Justin and I couldn't just make a whole, perfectly normal baby.  And then it was over.

I know this is not a big deal.  I know in a few months this will be just one of those things that we had to do.  I know this is not life threatening and will not cause us to wait in a waiting room on pins and needles because we don't know if our child will live.  I know this is physical therapy, not chemotherapy.  I know.  This is NOT a big deal and it's nothing to get upset about.  

When we were in Tuesday Dr. B decided to go ahead and refer her to the banding people.  I guess her head is bad enough that the yucky feeling about the "Oh, ok" from the therapist was correct.  We're waiting on a call from them to schedule her appointment.  They'll probably do measurements the first visit and see her back in a month to see if there's been any change.  I guess we'll see what happens from there.  Most likely she'll be in a helmet within the next few months.  I'm going to pray that her head fixes itself though.  It's too H~O~T to have to wear a helmet 23 hours a day!

So there you have it.  Our first curve ball thrown by Miss Jenny Kate.  That's ok, because we may swing, but we will NOT strike out.



TWO Months Old Already?!

Dear Jenny Kate,

I seriously cannot believe you are already TWO months old!  Wow time is flying!

You had your 2 month well-visit today and had your first round of shots.  Whew!  All I can say is I'm so glad I took pictures of you yesterday!  Otherwise, this is all we'd get...

You are growing like a champ.  You weigh 10 lbs 13 oz and are 22 inches long, which puts you in the 50th percentile for both.  Your head is in the 75 percentile (but don't worry girl, it doesn't look big! :).  

You're eating about 4 ounces every 2.5 to 3 hours during the day.  I think we're going to pull out the big bottles tonight and try to do a little more.  You've been polishing off those bottles for the past two days.

You took your first trip to the beach last week.  You got to put your feet in the ocean but I don't think you were super impressed.  You were able to sit by the pool a couple of times but spent most of your days in the condo.  This South Carolina weather is pretty intolerable if you're not IN the water!  Next year it will be so much fun when you can join Derrick in the water and sand.  *Pictures coming soon!

I think you're trying to suck your thumb.  I've tried and tried to get you to take a binky but most of the time it's a flop.  I'm going to keep trying.  A binky is much easier to take away than a finger!  I was a finger sucker but the germs of that freak me out now!  We'll have to start a binky mission!
You are incredibly slightly dramatic.   

I think we've finally tamed the reflux.  The third formula and an increase in your medicine seems to have done the trick.  I'm sure hoping that stays under control because you have been so much happier.  You'll actually lie down now without screaming.  It's heavenly.

You love to be held.  I think being at the beach for an entire week with family intensified that a bit.  That's ok though; we love holding you.  You're a good little snuggler.  We better soak it up too, because you've most likely completed our little family.  

You are a great sleeper.  Most nights you sleep from about 10:30pm until 6:30am.  It's so awesome!  You used to only sleep that long on Daddy's nights to get up with you.  I'm so glad you've decided to sleep that long every night!  Now if only we'd learn to go to bed when you do.

You go to sleep on your own.  We put you in your bassinet and you'll kick around and talk yourself to sleep most of the time.  I think you actually prefer to be able to stretch out and get comfy to fall asleep.  Derrick did the same thing and we love it.  I sure hope you keep these sleeping habits!

You love your brother.  You watch him so intently sometimes.  You don't fuss when he holds you (which he loves to do) even though it can't be comfortable for you most of the time.  I cannot wait to see the special relationship the two of you develop.  He already calls you his friend.  :)

My absolute favorite thing that you've started doing is smiling!  You have an adorable little smile!  You even wrinkle your nose and squint your eyes sometimes.  It's so, so sweet!

Jenny Kate, you are a precious girl.  I cannot believe there's enough love to love two little people as much as we do.  It's incredible.  You are a feisty little thing and you know what you want, and often times it should have been done ten minutes ago.  This sometimes proves to be difficult, but once you get what you want you flash that little smile and it's all forgotten.  Your daddy says that's how girls are, but I don't think I believe that.  ;)  We love you so, so much sweet girl.  We are so excited to watch you grow!

To the moon and back...

Mommy & Daddy



Precious Moments

A couple of nights ago as I was getting ready to go to bed, I heard a train going by.  Derrick had been asleep for hours, but somehow he has supersonic ears and I guess the train woke him.  I heard, "Mommy, Mommy."  Strangely, I was excited to hear his little voice calling my name over the monitor at 1 am.

I tiptoed up the stairs, quietly closed the gate, and opened his door.  There he sat, holding DD right under his nose with one had, reaching for me with the other.  Neither of us said a word as I picked him up and took him to his chair to rock.  

He was back asleep almost immediately, but I couldn't help but stay for a while.  It's been so long since I held him sleeping.  It was such a perfect moment for a not-so-perfect day.  His little legs were curled under his body,  his head on my shoulder, and his freshly cut hair soft but spiky against my cheek.  His breathing was slow and steady, obvious that he was good and asleep, letting out a little whimper after every few breaths. 

We just rocked; my mind going through the past two years of his life and the emotions that holding him in that chair brings.  I kept wrapping my arms a little tighter around his sleeping body snuggled in DD.  

I finally decided to put him back in bed.  I knew he would wake up, and as I laid him down in his bed he sleepily opened his eyes and said, "DD."  I had to do "1,2,3, DD" and tuck DD around him.  He pulled DD's satin ribbon right under his nose and  I whispered to him, "I love you Cheeks."  

"I wuv you," he said softly.  And I closed the door.

He's growing up way too quickly.  I don't know how many more times I'll be able to hold him in my lap and rock him back to sleep.  I spend way too much time worried about doing way too many things that really don't matter, when right before my eyes both of my children are growing up so quickly.

I just don't want to miss, or forget, these precious moments.

Derrick asleep on the couch (for the first time ever) waiting for a thunderstorm to pass.



Water Shirts

If you have been to our house in the last three months I'm sure you've seen the "water shirt." If not, may I present to you....

The Water Shirt.

We bought this (obviously) when we went to the Great Wolf Lodge. It quickly became D's favorite shirt and he pretty much wants to wear it 24/7.  He sleeps in it, wears it anytime we're home, and tries to bargain with us to let him wear it in public.  {He doesn't win.}  He probably has a good three to four years before his "water shirt" actually fits him and by then I'm sure it will be completely worn out from the constant washing it gets. 

Anyway, while Justin was still off work after Jenny Kate's birth we were able to squeeze in a little project.   We decided since D loves tie-dye so much that we would let him make a water shirt that actually fits him.  He was so super excited he could hardly stand it, so he got to work.  

We looked all over Walmart for the RIT dye and had no luck {to later find out that it was in the laundry section..so obviously we didn't look everywhere} so we bought this cool little tie-dye kit.  It came with three colors, rubber bands, and squirt bottles.  Exactly what we needed.

Not to be left out, Jenny Kate was waiting her turn for her first water shirt too! (Whoa, look how much she's changed!!)

D, being the good big brother that he is, made the perfect one for Jenny Kate with her favorite color, pink!  :)

And the finished product (a mere month and a half after the shirts were complete!)...
My "water shirt-ed" babies!  

I kinda wish they would have made one for me!










And of course the best one is out of focus!