Hilton Head Island, 2011

We took our annual trip to Hilton Head in July and I'm a total slacker since I'm just now going through the pictures (although I'm really going to show how on top of things I am when I post D's birthday party pictures in a few days-from APRIL, but you know, this is our family scrapbook/photo album, so it has to be done!).

I was pretty bad about taking pictures of our week this time.  I guess I was a little side tracked with Jenny Kate, and when there was free time I was more interested in joining in on the fun than taking pictures. 

This year D was able to join in on some of the activities out at the pool.  Every day they have different things kids can do, and guess what the first activity Derrick did was?
He made a water shirt!

Another day he went cookie decorating.  Doesn't this look so super yummy?! Ha!

Bubble baths in the big tub were a hit this year.

We enjoyed sitting out on our deck that overlooked the lagoon.  But in the lagoon lives...
Obviously people have been feeding this guy.  There was a guy with a golf club trying to "scare" the gator back in the water.  The picture on the right was his response.  Looks super scared, huh?

We enjoyed lots of fun family time,

and lying in the grass just taking it all in.

Of course being the monkey he is, Derrick enjoyed his first tree-swinging experience.  Now that he knows he can swing from trees there will most likely be more of this to come. 

Jenny Kate wasn't a huge fan of being outside.  Everywhere was a little bright for her! Ha!

Justin and I celebrated our five year anniversary while we were there.  I was greeted that morning with these beauties.

LOVED them!!  They survived the ride home and I was able to enjoy them on the kitchen table for almost two weeks!

Mamaw and Papaw kept the kiddos while we went out and had a nice lunch and spent the afternoon shopping.  I love our dates!

Derrick's absolute favorite thing to do while we were at the beach was to swim in the pool.  He went swimming at least twice a day and we had to drag him out every time.  The great part?  While most people dislike when the pool feels like a bathtub, this little guy loved it because he was able to swim with no wetsuit!

He loved every minute of it. {And I love those eyelashes!}

Jenny Kate enjoyed lounging by the pool in the evenings. 

She's counting down the days until next year!

We had a great time!  It was nice to get away, spend time together, and enjoy the sand between our toes.  Sandy pics to come. :)

P.S. Derrick and Jenny Kate are in a photo contest on Facebook.  If you'd like to vote for them you can click here and "like" their pictures.  They're the first two pics.  ;)


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