TWO Months Old Already?!

Dear Jenny Kate,

I seriously cannot believe you are already TWO months old!  Wow time is flying!

You had your 2 month well-visit today and had your first round of shots.  Whew!  All I can say is I'm so glad I took pictures of you yesterday!  Otherwise, this is all we'd get...

You are growing like a champ.  You weigh 10 lbs 13 oz and are 22 inches long, which puts you in the 50th percentile for both.  Your head is in the 75 percentile (but don't worry girl, it doesn't look big! :).  

You're eating about 4 ounces every 2.5 to 3 hours during the day.  I think we're going to pull out the big bottles tonight and try to do a little more.  You've been polishing off those bottles for the past two days.

You took your first trip to the beach last week.  You got to put your feet in the ocean but I don't think you were super impressed.  You were able to sit by the pool a couple of times but spent most of your days in the condo.  This South Carolina weather is pretty intolerable if you're not IN the water!  Next year it will be so much fun when you can join Derrick in the water and sand.  *Pictures coming soon!

I think you're trying to suck your thumb.  I've tried and tried to get you to take a binky but most of the time it's a flop.  I'm going to keep trying.  A binky is much easier to take away than a finger!  I was a finger sucker but the germs of that freak me out now!  We'll have to start a binky mission!
You are incredibly slightly dramatic.   

I think we've finally tamed the reflux.  The third formula and an increase in your medicine seems to have done the trick.  I'm sure hoping that stays under control because you have been so much happier.  You'll actually lie down now without screaming.  It's heavenly.

You love to be held.  I think being at the beach for an entire week with family intensified that a bit.  That's ok though; we love holding you.  You're a good little snuggler.  We better soak it up too, because you've most likely completed our little family.  

You are a great sleeper.  Most nights you sleep from about 10:30pm until 6:30am.  It's so awesome!  You used to only sleep that long on Daddy's nights to get up with you.  I'm so glad you've decided to sleep that long every night!  Now if only we'd learn to go to bed when you do.

You go to sleep on your own.  We put you in your bassinet and you'll kick around and talk yourself to sleep most of the time.  I think you actually prefer to be able to stretch out and get comfy to fall asleep.  Derrick did the same thing and we love it.  I sure hope you keep these sleeping habits!

You love your brother.  You watch him so intently sometimes.  You don't fuss when he holds you (which he loves to do) even though it can't be comfortable for you most of the time.  I cannot wait to see the special relationship the two of you develop.  He already calls you his friend.  :)

My absolute favorite thing that you've started doing is smiling!  You have an adorable little smile!  You even wrinkle your nose and squint your eyes sometimes.  It's so, so sweet!

Jenny Kate, you are a precious girl.  I cannot believe there's enough love to love two little people as much as we do.  It's incredible.  You are a feisty little thing and you know what you want, and often times it should have been done ten minutes ago.  This sometimes proves to be difficult, but once you get what you want you flash that little smile and it's all forgotten.  Your daddy says that's how girls are, but I don't think I believe that.  ;)  We love you so, so much sweet girl.  We are so excited to watch you grow!

To the moon and back...

Mommy & Daddy


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