Cardiologist Update

Derrick had his three month cardiologist appointment last Wednesday (yes, clearly I'm so far behind, I'm sorry!!) and it went very well!  

He's getting to be such a big guy. {Well, big as in old, not as in large!!}  He got to stand on the 'big scale' for his weight and to check his height this time instead of sitting on the scale and lying on the table for measurements.  Unfortunately, he STILL weighs 20 pounds.  20.6 to be exact, but he had clothes on.  That means Derrick hasn't gained a bit of weight since his last cardiologist appointment three months ago.  Sigh.  I totally wasn't surprised about that.

When Dr. S walked in the room the first thing he said was, "Not a big eater, are we?"  Ha!  This is really the first time he's brought up D's weight.  We've discussed it countless times, but it's always initiated by us.  "Most kids like him are usually small," is what we hear from him most of the time.  Apparently Derrick has exceeded the smallness of "most of the kids like him."  We had a little chat about things we could try to do to get his weight up some, but realistically, there's only so much we can do.  Thankfully, Dr. S said that too.  (I mean, besides a tube, which we absolutely hope to avoid!)  We can't shove food down his throat- if he doesn't want to eat, he's not going to.  We're talking about a very strong minded kid who can hold chewed food in his mouth for hours and never give you any sign that there's half a meal in there.  It's ridiculous!

Anyway, we've started adding vanilla Carnation instant breakfast to his milk along with his normal chocolate syrup for some added calories.  Whew!  That stuff is RICH!  He LOVES it!  ;)

As we were having this discussion about his weight, Dr. S asked, "So, when does he turn three?"  "April," we told him.  "With the really small kids we don't usually wait until they hit the 30 lb mark to do the Fontan.  What we're really looking at is chest cavity size anyway." 

I'm hoping the punch in the gut didn't sound as loud as it felt.  Three?  Totally wasn't expecting to hear that, but I have to admit I wasn't ready to ask if that was what he was implying either.  I'd rather be blissfully ignorant for another three months.  Maybe then we'll tackle that question.  Apparently Justin got the same impression I did from that conversation and wasn't ready to open that can of worms either.  We like it in this happy place.  For now, anyway.

Back to the appointment. 

All of Derrick's vitals were great, heart sounded great, etc.  Woo hoo!  He asked to sit on the "bed" when he found out it was time to check his sats, which never happens (and for some crazy reason his sats are always higher in their office than they are at home!).  The nurse asked him if he knew what she was doing and he said, "Checking my numbers."  And in the same breath he looked over at me and whispered, "I get a sucker!"  We all rolled!  This boy will perform for a sucker!

Derrick's echo went great too.  The tech was going to let him put the probe on himself to start the echo, but he wouldn't do it.  He kept saying, "No.  Mommy do it!"  So I started the echo.  It was kind of fun! Ha!  It seemed to take forever, which made us a little nervous, but Dr. S said everything looked great.   We got a "heart function and valves look good, we'll see you back in three months!" and we were out the door.  

 {I was so disappointed when I pulled out the camera and it died immediately, so I missed out on lots of good pictures at the appointment...especially Derrick and his 'mater teeth' sucker.  I'll definitely have to give him another one and take pictures.  It's pretty cute!  So here's Derrick today, modeling his and Justin's monster they built while Jenny Kate was having therapy.}

Whew!  Another one down.  In November I think we'll have to have "the talk."  Not looking forward to that one!  But until then, we'll feed this boy every single thing he'll eat.  Suggestions are always welcome!

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