Three Months...(and one week...oops!! ;)

Oh, my sweet Jenny Kate. It's already begun. I'm late. I know by the time you read this you will totally understand, or already know, or be just like me. Usually late. I'm so sorry, we've just had too much going on lately for me to sit down at the computer and think in silence. After all, you've decided to only nap while Derrick is awake if you nap at all. And that, my girl, makes it impossible to do a blog post! :)

Anyway, I'm super happy to tell you that you are THREE MONTHS OLD already! You're growing so quickly that I literally cannot keep up!

You weigh right around 12 1/2 pounds now (according to our bathroom scale). You look like you're growing like crazy. Every time I look at you you look bigger! You're wearing size 2 diapers (mainly because we ran out of ones and these work just fine) and you wear 0-3 month clothes. I can't keep shoes on you. Your little narrow feet won't even hold your size newborn shoes on, so you just go barefooted all the time.

You love attention. Any time anyone talks to you or looks at you you smile that big 'ole smile. You have little dimples too. Um, adorable! 

You've started laughing. It's so insanely cute! Sometimes Derrick will fake laugh at you and you will laugh like crazy back at him. We can't get enough of your laugh!

You've been sleeping in your crib in your room for the past two weeks! You did great with the change; I don't think you minded a bit! You have a whole lot more room to move around in the crib.

You've decided that you don't really like to nap. You'll take a 30 minute nap in the morning and a short little nap in the afternoon, but for the most part you don't want to sleep during the day. If you do it's in your swing. You refuse to sleep in your crib or in the pack-n-play in our room during the day. At all. I'm having a hard time adjusting to this no-nap-time-for-mommy thing you've been pulling. It makes it a little difficult to get things done around here. I have to say though, I do love those quiet moments where it's just the two of us. You'll just sit and stare and smile while I talk to you. It's priceless. {I'm not sure daddy thinks it's so priceless when he's trying to get dressed for work in the mornings and doesn't have any clean white t-shirts because I can't put you down to do laundry, so we're going to have to figure out something, ok?}

When you are ready to sleep, you're ready. And everybody knows it. When about 8pm hits you start screaming. You don't stop until you get a bottle and you usually fall asleep about half way through it. You don't particularly want to be held as you fall asleep, but you can't lie down until 30 minutes after you eat (because of your reflux), so you usually fall asleep in the swing. If we do try to hold you to fall asleep you squirm a lot. You'd much rather lie down on your side to sleep.

You typically drink 6 ounces of milk four times a day. When I finish feeding you Derrick always says, "Did she drink 4 'bounces'?" Ha! I had no idea he was paying attention to how much you were taking, but apparently he does! Your daddy and I were stressed a few weeks ago when you were only drinking 4 oz, so we'd always ask the other how much you drank. I guess that's where the "4 bounces" comes from. So your brother is concerned about how much you eat! :)

You LOVE your big brother! You watch every move he makes and if he's close to you you're always smiling at him. He's pretty smitten with you too, girl! The way the two of you love each other already makes my heart smile. I hope it stays that way!

You love it when we read. You're usually in my lap while I read to Derrick. When we open up the books you start cooing and kicking your feet and waving your arms. You seem pretty excited at story time! I sure hope you keep that love of books!

Therapy is going well. Both of your therapists say you're improving a lot. We didn't realize just how much you couldn't move your head until you started therapy and we saw the change in how you move. You seem to like therapy ok. You get a lot of attention there, so that makes you pretty happy! You do tend to throw up like crazy while you're there though. Poor Deb and Emily! They smell like yucky old formula all day long on Tuesdays and Thursdays! You get them every time.

You throw up. A lot. I'm seriously considering keeping a change of clothes for myself in the diaper bag, or the car, or somewhere. I don't know, maybe the combination of black raspberry vanilla lotion and baby throw up works for me. I'll have to ask your daddy. ;)

You're tolerating tummy time a little more than you used to. {I guess it helps that you can actually lift your head now. Your muscles were too tight for you to do that before therapy.} You still don't like it, but you don't cry immediately, so that's progress.

You are a very loud sleeper. You sigh a lot while you sleep, and you also slam your legs a lot. I'm not sure what you're doing, but in the morning when we go in to get you you're usually at the foot of your crib.

You possibly rolled over. I say possibly because you were playing on the floor with one of your hanging toys and you were lying on your side. I ran to the kitchen and when I came back you were on your tummy. I was only gone for a few seconds, but "someone" was sitting beside you when I walked back into the room. I asked him if he helped you roll over and got mixed responses. All he would tell me is that you were having "tummy time." You may have rolled over, but neither daddy or I saw it with our own eyes, so only Derrick knows. And he's not telling. If you didn't, you're so super close that it'll be really, really soon!

You sleep for about 12 hours straight every night and have been for about two weeks! (Guess I can't complain about the napping, huh?! :)

Jenny Kate, you are such a joy to our family! You've developed a sweet little personality and love to be included in whatever the rest of us are doing. We've had so much fun watching you grow and learn and can't wait to see what's in store as you continue to develop that little personality. We are beyond blessed to have you in our lives and love you more than words can say.

To the moon and back, sweet girl!

Mommy & Daddy


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