Well, It's Not Bedazzled.....

 ...but I think it'll work.  What do you think?

We can't be accused of trying to hide it, huh? Ha!
And please excuse these pictures...they were taken in the dark!  We had to wake this poor girl up to give her her new zebra crown.  Can't tell that by the eyes, can you? :)



An Explanation...

So I guess I forgot to mention that Jenny Kate actually had to get banded, huh?  We've been running around like chickens with our heads cut off around here so I guess I just failed to actually record that we were banding our girl.  {That sounds really strange, huh?}

Anyway, we went to an initial appointment in Charlotte about a month ago, hoping that Jenny Kate's "flat spot" was better and that they'd tell us that she didn't need to be banded after all.  The "flat spot" turned out to be the very least of their concerns.  Hmp!  (Not that she has any thing terrible going on, but for her, the "flat spot" wasn't the issue.) 

As it turns out, Jenny Kate's torticollis has caused a few little issues that we weren't aware of.  Because her left neck muscle was so tight, it caused the left side of her face (ear and eye) to not grow forward with the rest of her head.  It kind of held everything back.  It's not that noticeable if you're not aware of it, but once they pointed it out we could both definitely see what was happening.  Here's the crazy way they showed us:

See how uneven the therapist's fingers are?  They're in Jenny Kate's ears.  I'm sure the picture isn't completely straight so they probably aren't quite that bad, but you get the idea.  Once we saw that, we were convinced.  It's more than just a "flat spot" that her hair would cover up.  It's actually affected the structure of her face.  And beyond the annoyance of having to make her glasses crooked for them to fit on her face, the bone structure of her face not being symmetrical can cause issues later (like TMJ and some other things that I can't remember!).  So, we were sold.  Our little chica would have a new accessory.

We went last week to have Jenny Kate's band made.  It's so crazy the way they do it.  They held her upright on a stool and 15 cameras all around her took pictures at once.  That gave them the shape of her head so they could make her band exactly how she needs it.  I was going to take a picture of the whole setup but never got a chance.  It's kind of crazy!  I figured they'd make a mold of her head but nope.  Pictures.  

We picked up the band Monday.  When the lady sat down in front of Jenny Kate to try it on her she giggled like crazy.  It was so funny!  I have no idea why Jenny Kate thought it was so funny to be doing this!  I hope it was her way of telling me, "Mommy, it's gonna be FINE!"  

We made it through night number one and JK slept more than I was afraid of.  She woke up about an hour after I put her down, but went back to sleep.  She woke up again this morning at 5, so I rocked her and took the band off so she could get some comfortable sleep.  Hopefully tonight she'll make it through the night.  Nap time hasn't been so promising, but I'm crossing my fingers!  She likes to sleep on her side and the side of the band digs in her face a little from the pressure of that angle.  If she'd sleep on her back it wouldn't be an issue, but the girl loves sleeping on her side.  I guess if that continues we'll have a chat about that when we go back on Monday and see if there's anything they can do.  If any of you reading this have any suggestions or experience, I'd love to hear it!

Overall, Jenny Kate is doing very well with everything.  We're still going to therapy twice a week, but I'm really, REALLY hoping they'll cut us down to once a week since we're driving to Charlotte once a week for band adjustments (and that's a 4 hour round trip drive).  Our girl keeps us busy, that's for sure!  That's ok though.  She's totally, absolutely, without a doubt worth it.  

And all that driving to Charlotte...there IS an awesome advantage.  IKEA is minutes away.  And I mean, you can't drive 4 hours just for a 15 minute appointment, right?  It only makes since for us to stop at our favorite store! :)  

Now, off to bedazzle that band. Ideas?



Today Was the BIG Day...


We better CUTE-N this thing up a bit, don't you think!? ;)



Ok, Y'all!!

I'm taking the plunge...
You can check out the website at creativelycandidphotography.com and find my Facebook page HERE.  Whew.  I'm nervous and EXCITED all at the same time!  Wish me luck!!  

And you locals...I'm going to be doing some mini-sessions for Christmas cards!  Let me know if you're interested.  Details for that coming soon. :)  

And the inspiration for my love of photography.... 
So much love between two little people.
Way, way more than I ever thought possible. 
Isn't it great that God doesn't always answer your prayers?  Because, really, I didn't even ask for them to love each other this much.
But as always, He did so much better! :)
Love these babies!



Back-ups Don't Always Work!

Derrick had a little accident today during nap time and of course I forgot to wash his sheets until right before bedtime. We threw DD in the wash just in case he was a little messy too. It was time for Derrick to go to bed and I was just moving the wet clothes over to the dryer. I decided to pull out the "back-up DD" we bought about a year ago, knowing that we'd need it someday. Today was the day.

I snuck upstairs and got Derrick's pillows and covers ready. I turned the lights off and threw "back-up DD" on the bed just like he always leaves DD. We read downstairs so that we could go upstairs and never turn on the lights because back-up DD is about a shade darker than DD and doesn't have his name monogrammed on it. I knew he would notice those things for sure.

While we were rocking minute and saying our prayers, I noticed that he kept messing with "back up DD." I was nervous. (I was nervous before we even walked upstairs because Derrick does not sleep without DD!) I did "1,2,3, DD" and pulled the covers up like always. I had my hand on the doorknob when Derrick said, "Mommy, fix DD." "What's wrong with DD?" I asked. "He doesn't smell good," Derrick told me. "What do you mean he doesn't smell good?" I asked him. "He just doesn't smell good."

Shoot! I KNEW it! He's TWO! How in the world?!

I tried not to laugh too loudly as I called to Justin downstairs. I asked him to "throw DD in the dryer because he didn't smell good" and I waited with Derrick upstairs. About 30 seconds later DD came flying upstairs. A little damp, but at least he "smelled good."

I covered Derrick up with the 'real DD' and he was happy as a lark. Whew! Thank you for a good working dryer, because seriously, back-ups don't always work!

DD deserves the loyalty...he's been there from the start!



How Often Do You....

get to lie on an incredibly cozy pillow-bed,

while being fed,

having your neck rubbed,

& holding your favorite toy?

Never, you say?

Me either. 

But Jenny Kate...she lives the good life!  Ha!

Therapy...get some.  ;)



Our Weekend

Whew!  I think we need another weekend to catch up from our weekend!  We had a busy weekend, but had lots of fun!

It started out with a photo shoot of this sweet girl, who happens to be Jenny's niece.  Love this girl, her big blue eyes, and her family!  Saturday night we celebrated her FIRST birthday with her.  She had a great party, complete with the Carolina football game (which Justin was glued to) and a bouncy house (which Derrick was glued to). 

We had two baby showers this weekend, so I made these diaper wreaths.  Justin's sister made one for us before Derrick was born and I loved it!  They've become my go-to present for baby showers.  It's definitely never a surprise what I come walking in with at a baby shower.  Ha!

We did sneak in some play time at home.  Derrick loves his ball pit, although typically it gets used as a place to play with trains.  He can't tear himself away from the balls, so he has to bring toys into the ball pit.  You know, so he can have the best of both worlds.

This girl has become a Bumbo bum.  She sure does love the independence the Bumbo brings and LOVES hanging out in it.  Chillin' in the Bumbo, drooling the day away.

This weekend we came across the finishing touch to Jenny Kate's bedroom.  I still haven't been able to call it complete, but hopefully by the end of the week I'll be able to.  

Seriously, almost 4 months old and it's not "finished" yet.  I know, girl!  I know!

This week's project...
I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be able to post the AFTER pictures by next Monday!  I know this is just what I've been waiting for.



It's Been AWESOME Outside!

Oh, how I wish we could have 80 degree weather every day, or at least for a whole month! Poor Derrick stopped asking to go outside months ago because it's just been too hot for him to handle. He'll look out the window at night and say, "It's not hot outside." Poor guy. The only time we've been out to play lately has been when it's almost too dark to see.

Until THIS WEEK! I went to get him up the other morning and I was SO EXCITED for him to hurry because it was actually COOL outside! We hurried and had breakfast and went straight outside to play.

Jenny Kate was excited too, don't let her fool you!

It was so cool that she stayed comfy and cozy in her pjs.

She just took it all in.

Derrick wanted to start in the swing.  WITH smarties, of course.

This was the view from my swing.  OMG.

All the while, Jenny Kate just watched.

And talked about what she saw.

"Anda-belle" enjoyed being out with us.

Derrick had a lot of work to catch up on.

He had to check out our poor, pitiful garden.  The okra are hanging on (since we put a fence around the garden...we have some hungry deer around here!). 

Our cute little watermelon is growing right along too.  We'll hope this one doesn't burst like the last one did.  Sure would be fun to cut it open and taste it!

The herbs have done well. 

After being out for a while Annabelle decided it was getting a little hot for her taste. 

She had a blast at the pool!

Derrick had to water the plants,

which was pretty hard work.

But somebody's gotta do it, right?!

Eventually the time came and we had to load up our tools and head inside.

Because when sister says enough's enough, enough's enough.  It's over for all of us.  :)

But that's ok.  We put Jenny Kate to bed and Derrick started a painting project.  Because he loves to paint almost as much as he loves playing outside.



Labor Day Fun!

We started our Labor Day fun with a little pool party Sunday night at my aunt's house.  Maddy was SO excited to see Jenny Kate!!  She has a baby doll named Jenny Kate, so after feeding her and spending time with her, she now has new material for her JK play.  :)  I seriously think that's one of the cutest things ever!

Jenny Kate was a big hit with all the girls!

Derrick took advantage of a little pool time.  He blew us all away by actually swimming under water! Now, by no means is he a "swimmer" but he certainly impressed us with his skills!  I guess he really has learned a lot this summer.  Hopefully we'll have a pretty good starting point next summer.  Yay!

Monday morning we went to the Chapin Labor Day parade.  It's a pretty big deal around here.  Derrick and Jenny Kate have never been to a parade and we thought they might enjoy it.

Can't you see this girl enjoying herself so much she can hardly stand it?! Ha!

I had to take Derrick up to the front and show him why kids actually like parades.  CANDY!!  He's SO SHY!  There was a couple behind us who kept grabbing candy and giving it to Derrick.  They said he was so polite.  :)  He kept saying "thank you" every time he got a piece of candy.  Ha!  Next year I'm sure he'll really get the idea, but this year I had to give the evil eye to a few big kids who would grab the piece he was going for right before he got it.  Sometimes they'd give him the candy after they saw my face.  Don't mess with mama!  Ha!  {But seriously, these were 7-ish year olds with a bucket full of candy and they saw my two year old coming for ONE piece.  Rude! ;)}

Some of the floats had popsicles.  Brilliant!  OMG it was humid!!!!

Derrick loved his little American flag.  He was so adorable waving it around. 

Did you like the parade, Derrick?  "Yeah!!!"

We ran into a few friends while we were waiting in line at the ATM.  We never have cash, ever, and apparently no one else does either.  I bet there were at least 20 people in line.  I should have taken a picture.  It was pretty funny!

The next line we stood in was for the SWINGS! Well, they weren't exactly swings, but I don't know what they were.  They were swing-like.  Derrick was pretty excited, but I think Justin was MORE excited!

He had a blast!

Derrick looks like such a big kid.   I can't believe he's growing up so fast!

After the parade we went to Justin's parents' house for some Beaufort Stew.  Derrick LOVED the sausage!  He ate so much sausage he didn't save room for banana pudding. 

We had such a fun weekend with family! 
I'm so happy to say good bye to summer....bring on the fall!