Back-ups Don't Always Work!

Derrick had a little accident today during nap time and of course I forgot to wash his sheets until right before bedtime. We threw DD in the wash just in case he was a little messy too. It was time for Derrick to go to bed and I was just moving the wet clothes over to the dryer. I decided to pull out the "back-up DD" we bought about a year ago, knowing that we'd need it someday. Today was the day.

I snuck upstairs and got Derrick's pillows and covers ready. I turned the lights off and threw "back-up DD" on the bed just like he always leaves DD. We read downstairs so that we could go upstairs and never turn on the lights because back-up DD is about a shade darker than DD and doesn't have his name monogrammed on it. I knew he would notice those things for sure.

While we were rocking minute and saying our prayers, I noticed that he kept messing with "back up DD." I was nervous. (I was nervous before we even walked upstairs because Derrick does not sleep without DD!) I did "1,2,3, DD" and pulled the covers up like always. I had my hand on the doorknob when Derrick said, "Mommy, fix DD." "What's wrong with DD?" I asked. "He doesn't smell good," Derrick told me. "What do you mean he doesn't smell good?" I asked him. "He just doesn't smell good."

Shoot! I KNEW it! He's TWO! How in the world?!

I tried not to laugh too loudly as I called to Justin downstairs. I asked him to "throw DD in the dryer because he didn't smell good" and I waited with Derrick upstairs. About 30 seconds later DD came flying upstairs. A little damp, but at least he "smelled good."

I covered Derrick up with the 'real DD' and he was happy as a lark. Whew! Thank you for a good working dryer, because seriously, back-ups don't always work!

DD deserves the loyalty...he's been there from the start!