Labor Day Fun!

We started our Labor Day fun with a little pool party Sunday night at my aunt's house.  Maddy was SO excited to see Jenny Kate!!  She has a baby doll named Jenny Kate, so after feeding her and spending time with her, she now has new material for her JK play.  :)  I seriously think that's one of the cutest things ever!

Jenny Kate was a big hit with all the girls!

Derrick took advantage of a little pool time.  He blew us all away by actually swimming under water! Now, by no means is he a "swimmer" but he certainly impressed us with his skills!  I guess he really has learned a lot this summer.  Hopefully we'll have a pretty good starting point next summer.  Yay!

Monday morning we went to the Chapin Labor Day parade.  It's a pretty big deal around here.  Derrick and Jenny Kate have never been to a parade and we thought they might enjoy it.

Can't you see this girl enjoying herself so much she can hardly stand it?! Ha!

I had to take Derrick up to the front and show him why kids actually like parades.  CANDY!!  He's SO SHY!  There was a couple behind us who kept grabbing candy and giving it to Derrick.  They said he was so polite.  :)  He kept saying "thank you" every time he got a piece of candy.  Ha!  Next year I'm sure he'll really get the idea, but this year I had to give the evil eye to a few big kids who would grab the piece he was going for right before he got it.  Sometimes they'd give him the candy after they saw my face.  Don't mess with mama!  Ha!  {But seriously, these were 7-ish year olds with a bucket full of candy and they saw my two year old coming for ONE piece.  Rude! ;)}

Some of the floats had popsicles.  Brilliant!  OMG it was humid!!!!

Derrick loved his little American flag.  He was so adorable waving it around. 

Did you like the parade, Derrick?  "Yeah!!!"

We ran into a few friends while we were waiting in line at the ATM.  We never have cash, ever, and apparently no one else does either.  I bet there were at least 20 people in line.  I should have taken a picture.  It was pretty funny!

The next line we stood in was for the SWINGS! Well, they weren't exactly swings, but I don't know what they were.  They were swing-like.  Derrick was pretty excited, but I think Justin was MORE excited!

He had a blast!

Derrick looks like such a big kid.   I can't believe he's growing up so fast!

After the parade we went to Justin's parents' house for some Beaufort Stew.  Derrick LOVED the sausage!  He ate so much sausage he didn't save room for banana pudding. 

We had such a fun weekend with family! 
I'm so happy to say good bye to summer....bring on the fall!


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