Our Weekend

Whew!  I think we need another weekend to catch up from our weekend!  We had a busy weekend, but had lots of fun!

It started out with a photo shoot of this sweet girl, who happens to be Jenny's niece.  Love this girl, her big blue eyes, and her family!  Saturday night we celebrated her FIRST birthday with her.  She had a great party, complete with the Carolina football game (which Justin was glued to) and a bouncy house (which Derrick was glued to). 

We had two baby showers this weekend, so I made these diaper wreaths.  Justin's sister made one for us before Derrick was born and I loved it!  They've become my go-to present for baby showers.  It's definitely never a surprise what I come walking in with at a baby shower.  Ha!

We did sneak in some play time at home.  Derrick loves his ball pit, although typically it gets used as a place to play with trains.  He can't tear himself away from the balls, so he has to bring toys into the ball pit.  You know, so he can have the best of both worlds.

This girl has become a Bumbo bum.  She sure does love the independence the Bumbo brings and LOVES hanging out in it.  Chillin' in the Bumbo, drooling the day away.

This weekend we came across the finishing touch to Jenny Kate's bedroom.  I still haven't been able to call it complete, but hopefully by the end of the week I'll be able to.  

Seriously, almost 4 months old and it's not "finished" yet.  I know, girl!  I know!

This week's project...
I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be able to post the AFTER pictures by next Monday!  I know this is just what I've been waiting for.