What is wrong with Jenny Kate?!

So, yes, we're home. Nope, we still don't have an answer as to what is going on with Jenny Kate.

I guess I should start with a really watered down version of what in the world landed us in the hospital in the first place.  For some this may be TMI, but I know some of you want to know the story.  If you don't like diaper talk, stop reading now.  There's your warning. :)

Jenny Kate started having diarrhea last Friday (9 days ago). We really started paying attention on Saturday when I realized that in fact it was her fifth poopy diaper and the day wasn't over.  Saturday night and Sunday morning she was running a fever of about 101 and we decided if she was still running a fever Monday morning she would go in to see the doctor. Saturday night she also had a tiny bid of blood in her stool so we thought maybe she was having an allergic reaction to the squash she had been eating for the past two days. We stopped all baby food to rule that out. 

Sunday she was kind of pitiful and still having issues so we thought maybe she had a stomach virus. Monday her fever was gone but she wouldn't really drink her bottle (which is totally unlike her) so Monday night we decided that if she didn't want to eat Tuesday morning I would take her to the doctor.  I noticed Monday that her bottom eye teeth were trying to poke through, so we decided maybe what we were dealing with was a teething issue.  Those were the WORST teeth for Derrick, so maybe they're torturing Jenny Kate too.  (Strange teeth to be the first ones, huh?)  

Anyway, Tuesday in the wee hours of the morning Jenny Kate woke up (with a terrible diaper, of course) ready to eat.  All day Tuesday she wanted to eat, so again I didn't take her to the doctor.  Wednesday morning she woke up, drank her bottle, and started screaming.  We couldn't get her to calm down until finally she went to the bathroom.  This time there was more blood.  We were supposed to be headed to Charlotte for her DOC Band adjustment, but instead we went to the pediatrician's office.  

At this point she had been impossible to keep clean and dry at all for about five days so you can't even imagine how terrible her diaper rash was.  I feel terrible that it took this long for me to actually get her in to see the doctor, but honestly, we kept thinking oh, it must be this, or if she's still doing ..... tomorrow then we'll take her in, then she'd stop doing that so we thought it was getting better.  And really, this time of year and having a little baby and a heart baby, the doctor's office is more of a risk than anything unless it's absolutely necessary.  Well, Wednesday morning it became necessary.

The doctor checked her out and said that because of her age and how long she'd been having diarrhea, she was on the fence about admitting her.  We talked a little more and decided that would be the best option.  So off to the hospital we went.  {And a ridiculous side note...D stayed with Justin's aunt and uncle who were visiting from TN while we took JK to the doctor.  They called us when we were on the way to pick him up and told us he had thrown up!  OMG!  Turns out that he'd probably had a few too many cookies and was fine, but we took him with us to the hospital just in case he was getting JK's mess too! Ha!}

At the hospital my very first concern was getting her some super awesome diaper rash cream.  Thankfully they gave us some and we could start the mending process for that.  Seriously, it still makes me hurt looking at it.  I think the aftermath of childbirth comes second to how that must feel. 

Since Jenny Kate had an "unknown" reason for blood in her stool, she was on "contact precaution" at the hospital.  I kind of got a kick out of that.  Everyone came in her room with a blue gown on and she got her very own stethoscope as to not contaminate anyone else, and she and Derrick were not allowed to go to the playroom.  I'm sure she was bummed about that.  I totally understand why, but I kind of think that if she were contagious that one of us would have caught whatever it is by now.  I agree that we should be better safe than sorry but it was really quite funny.

So they did an ultrasound to check for intussusception, which is where part of the bowel 'telescopes' into itself.  That came back negative, but they said it could possibly still be that even if it wasn't caught during the ultrasound.  If it was/is, then it was correcting itself so it was/is ok.  They also did lab cultures to test for e coli, salmonella, and all of those other lovely bacteria that could potentially be causing the issues.  Most of the day Wednesday she continued to have blood in her stools and she was pretty miserable.  We did get a few smiles of her which are what you saw in this post.  Those were a rarity this week so I'm glad I caught some on camera. 

We hung out in the hospital Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon they sent us home.  They told us that it would be a few days before the labs were back and that we may never know what's caused all of this.  They told us that if she was still having the same issues in a WEEK that we..I guess would test further?  I don't even remember what they said.  But that would be a total of almost two weeks of this agony before anything else was done.  That can't be healthy on a whole lot of levels.  They did tell us to follow up with our pediatrician on Friday.  Thankfully.

Friday we went in for a follow up and Dr. B (who was out the day she was admitted) said that we will not "just wait and see what happens."  Thank you!  He checked her over, gave us some burn cream for her poor tush, and told us if this wasn't completely gone by Monday and if the labs came back negative that we were being referred to a GI doctor.

Well, it's Sunday.  It's not better.  Justin just got off the phone with the hospital and all of her labs came back negative.  Looks like we're going to see a GI doc.  I'm PRAYING that they figure out what's wrong with our girl.  It's mighty hard to watch her in pain and not be able to do anything about it.  She's usually such a happy girl and there are some times where she's in pure agony.  I'm not sure how much more of this my heart can take.

I'm sorry this was so long.  But there you have it.  The past week summed up in about 8,000 words.  :) If you made it this far you deserve a picture.

I know this is a terrible, terrible picture, but we thought this was so funny.  I was feeding Jenny Kate the other night and Derrick had to feed his baby too.  Ha!  He's gonna be a good daddy, you just wait.  And they're both totally engrossed in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Oh, my!


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