SIX Months Old!!

Jenny Kate, you are officially half way to your first birthday.  Oh, my!  How did you get to be so old?!
I do realize you turned 6 months old last week, but I'm just shooting for getting your monthly updates done at some point within the month.  I hope that works for you. ;)

You weigh 14lbs, 3.5 oz (20th %) and are 26.25 inches long (75th %).  You wear 3-6 month clothes and size 3 diapers (mainly because we ran out of 2s and the 3s fit! :).
You will finally go to sleep without throwing a fit.  We've had several nights and naps where you might whimper for a minute or not even make a sound at all.  It sure is easier putting you to sleep without you screaming! 

You got your hat off this week!!  We don't think it bothered you, but we sure are glad it's gone!  It being gone may be part of the reason you're going to sleep a little easier.  It sure is nice to see your whole face again and to be able to kiss you without looking for a place to actually reach you.  And I love that you can wear bows again! :)  We're so proud of how well you tolerated your hat, Jenny Kate!  You did such a good job!

You LOVE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  It's crazy!  When you hear it you start flapping around and making your little squealing noise.  It's so funny!  How does a 6 month old like a TV show so much? No worries, you two are only allowed to watch Mickey Mouse twice a day.  We can't have little TV junkies around here!  I'm pretty sure you would become one if we'd let you. :)

You're doing a really good job eating your baby food.  I think it's safe to say that you have mastered the spoon.  You're not picky (so far) with what you eat.  I guess anything is better than that yucky Nutramigen.

I thought you were getting two teeth, but I'm not so sure.  You still have those little white spots on your gums like they're thinking about coming through, but they've been there for weeks and haven't changed.  I'm not sure what they're waiting for but you sure are chewing like crazy to try to get them to break through.  Maybe you're not teething, who knows.  You love to chew though!

You put EVERYTHING in your mouth!  If you can reach it, it goes straight to your mouth.  Always.

You LOVE your brother!  He can make you laugh and smile like nobody else.  All he has to do is look at you and you get excited.  When he's talking to you you go crazy!  I could just watch the two of you play together all day.  Its so sweet!!

BUT....you're starting to get on Derrick's nerves a little too!  It's no big deal, it's your job as the little sister.  He's starting to realize you will take his things, and when you do, they go in your mouth.  He's not so fond of you putting his things (especially DD) in your mouth.   

You had your first (and I really hope last for a really, really long time) hospital stay this month.  It turned out that you had salmonella.  Yuck!  We have no idea how you got it, but you were a sick little girl for three weeks.  It was pitiful, but you were a trooper.  You're a tough little girl!  We're so thankful that you're all better now and hope we don't ever have to experience anything like that again.

Your favorite thing to do is blow "raspberries."  You do that constantly.  You should really wear a bib all the time because of all of the spit you get everywhere.  You're such a mess! :)

You're kind of attached to me right now.  You cry when you see me leave the room or if I walk away from you when someone else is holding you.  You even reached for me yesterday.

You are a dancer!  Any time you hear music you start bouncing around.  It's pretty funny!  We'll have to get that on video.
You are a wiggle worm!  You're kind of difficult to hold sometimes because you're so wiggly.  Even Dr. B told us we had a wiggly one.

Your absolute favorite time of day is bath time.  Once we start the water you start bouncing around, squealing and laughing.  You get SO excited!!  I think you'd stay in the bathtub for hours if we let you.   You love it!

Jenny Kate, 

You are such a joy for our family.  We absolutely love you and your bouncy, active little self.  You are so full of personality.  It seems like you've grown up so much just in the last few weeks.  I sure wish you could slow down!  We love you more than words can say, sweet girl!  We're very proud of how well you've handled all of the little bumps that have come your way; you've handled them like a champ.  

We love you to the moon and back, Girlfriend!

Mommy, Daddy, and D




Wow!  It's been two weeks since I've posted on our blog.  We're all doing well, just busy.  Here's a purge of random things that have been going on around here.

Jenny Kate's physical therapy has has decreased to once every two weeks!!  That's an AMAZING thing considering we used to go twice a week, now we are going twice a month! 

We have a tentative date of JK losing the DOC Band for next Wednesday!  Whoo hoo!!  She's almost outgrown the band and it has made significant changes in her head shape so we should be released from our once a week trips to Charlotte as of next week.  Oh, how awesome it will be to be finished with all (or at least some) of these appointments! :)

I earned my 4,238th nomination for mom of the year this weekend when I failed to bring SHOES for my 2 1/2 year old on our trip to Tennessee.  Really.  We took a two night  trip away and Derrick had no shoes.  Mom of the Year. 

I walked into the kitchen the other day to find Derrick playing with some toys.  Too bad he didn't like this thing when he was a baby!  Now he'll climb in it and watch tv.  Silly boy!

Minnie Mouse visits our house frequently.  If you do not hold the door open for her or include her in your plans, Derrick will get very upset with you.  She is his best friend and she leaves the Club House to come to Derrick's house on a regular basis.  

Justin's mom gave Derrick a pot holder that has Minnie Mouse on it.  (I have no idea why! :)  He carried that pot holder everywhere and was proudly declaring that it was his "best friend."  Thankfully we can now just take Minnie along with us without having the pot holder version of her.  That one was a little more difficult to explain to other people.  

Jenny Kate having her first sip of water from a cup.  She was a big fan!!
We found out the 'type' of salmonella that plagued Jenny Kate.  I don't remember how to spell it and I don't see the paper I wrote it on right in front of me, but when I looked it up on the CDC's website, it was a type that typically came from water frogs and aquariums.  Blows my mind.  We don't have an aquarium and I can assure you that JK hasn't been outside playing with frogs, so I have no idea where that came from.  I was very happy that it wasn't from raw chicken or eggs because that would have made me feel way more guilty since it could have come from our kitchen.  I sure can't explain the water frog/aquarium thing though.  

Poor girl!  This was right before she went to the hospital.  If this doesn't show you how bad she felt I don't know what would.
Our insurance company has decided that they don't want to cover Jenny Kate's hospital stay because it wasn't "necessary."  The letter we received said "The five month old was admitted to receive Nutramigen formula and diagnostic testing."  Seriously!  Doesn't it sound like she was admitted to the hospital so she could get some formula?!  Ha!  I assured the insurance company that I would much rather spend $25 on a can of formula than over $3,000 for a night in the hospital just to get those little 2 oz bottles of Nutramigen.  So far they aren't giving in to little old me, so I guess we'll fight them for a while.  Ugh!  I'm super thankful for insurance, but all of the petty stuff is insane.  We'll get it straightened out, but not without a fight, I'm sure.  

I've done several photo shoots lately and am loving it!  I love being home with my babies but having something that makes me leave home every once in a while is nice too.  I can do it when it works for our family and I love it.  Couldn't ask for anything better right now. 

I've been taking a sewing class at church for the past several weeks.  I'm kinda bummed that tonight is the last night.  We've been working on an apron that was supposed to take 2 weeks and it's taken about five.  Ha!  It's lots of fun and I can't wait to sit down and make something I really want to make.  I still don't really have a clue how to read a pattern but they make seam rippers for a reason, right?!  :)

I've had a few craft sessions with some friends lately and have a new coffee filter wreath and some painted pumpkins.  I never got around to painting the big one and never got around to taking a picture of the wreath either.  You can see a little bit of it in the corner of the picture.  (Both of these ideas came from Pinterest.  Is anyone else as hooked as I am!?)  It's almost time to pull out the Christmas decorations, so I'm really excited about that!  We have a rule in our house that we can't decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, so once Thanksgiving dinner has settled in our bellies, out come the trees!  I'm so excited!

And Justin...let's see...he's been working hard.  We keep him pretty busy on his days off so he's probably glad to have work to go to so he can have a little rest.  Ha!  He played in a basket ball game at church, the guys in our Sunday School class vs. the senior youth boys.  It was entertaining!  Our guys won but I think they all realized that they're getting old!  Justin did, anyway! :)

He also made Derrick a Kitchen Helper!  I've been eying one of these for a long time and was almost ready to take the plunge and order one when I came across plans to make your own!  (Ana White, the brains behind all of these plans, is awesome!!)  Derrick absolutely loves it and it only cost us $50 to make vs. $130 to buy!    

Kitchen Helper in action.  Eating Making his first pizza.  (Sorry for the terrible photo.)

We've been decluttering and have an enormous pile of boxes in our garage that are being taken to the thrift store.  It's driving us both crazy that we've been living in our house for a year now and things still aren't all unpacked and everything doesn't have a home.  It's time to get busy! 

That's probably enough randomness for now.  I have so many things that I need to record on here, so expect some serious photo overloads soon.  It's my goal to catch up on everything I need to record here and get our computer cleared of the 30,000+ pictures by the end of the year.  I better get busy!

I think decluttering and getting organized will be my New Year's Resolution.  But I've never been successful at the New Year's Resolution thing...have you? 



And Now We Know

Monday morning I called Jenny Kate's pediatrician to let them know that the hospital said her cultures all came back negative so they could get the ball rolling on the GI referral. They called a few hours later to tell us that they had just gotten off the phone with the hospital and that they were cancelling the GI referral.  Jenny Kate has SALMONELLA!

Wow.  First of all, I have no idea how she got that.  Gross.  Makes me feel terrible.  I hung up the phone with the nurse and immediately bleached the kitchen, rewashed all of her bottles, and they are now stored in a cabinet as far away from the sink as possible.  

Second of all, Justin spoke with the "Chief Resident" on Sunday and he told him that everything came back negative.  Although he also told Justin to "just give her some Mylicon."  No lie.  Apparently the cause for crazy amounts of diarrhea, sometimes bloody, is GAS.  Hmmmm.   We probably shouldn't have believed him anyway.

So there's nothing you do for salmonella in a child Jenny Kate's age.  Her cultures have been sent to the state department to determine the 'type' of salmonella she has, which I'm assuming will help us figure out where it could have come from.  Justin is convinced that it's from our pumpkin.  The way the pumpkin patch was laid out, there were farm animals above the pumpkin patch, and salmonella can come from farm animals, not just raw chicken and eggs.  We took pictures of Jenny Kate with the pumpkin and it never even crossed my mind to wash the thing.  For some reason when it comes straight out of the garden it feels clean to me.  At least until we're ready to eat it. Dumb, maybe.  I'll now have a new paranoia to add to the list.  Bringing produce into my house without scrubbing it first.  Remember the cantaloupe outbreak a little while back!

Anyway, it could have come from anywhere.  Someone touching her, her grabbing something (which she does ALL the time), anywhere.  It kills me to think it came from our kitchen.  Honestly, I can't even remember the last time I cooked chicken!   I feel terribly guilty that that's a possibility for what's caused her all of this pain.  I'd like to blame the pumpkin, but who knows.  

On a much lighter note, she is feeling MUCH better.  She's been laughing and smiling and flapping those chunky little arms around like the old Jenny Kate.  We're so, so glad she's feeling better.  She's had a lot less yucky diapers and her diaper rash is finally having a chance to clear up.  Whew!  

Thanks for praying for our girl!  I'm going to finish bleaching, just in case and then we're starting paci boot camp.  I've got to convince her that her fingers are NOT the way to go!

Of course I'm behind on posting all of the fun fall things we've done lately, so they're coming.  Y'all didn't think I'd actually be on time, did you? :)  Here's a sneak peek of our little baker and cupcake at trunk-or-treat Sunday.  Derrick refused to let me take his picture (and he's missing part of his costume) so better ones are coming soon.  This was the best I could get in the dark with him running away from me. 

The Cake Boss

and his little cupcake! :)