SIX Months Old!!

Jenny Kate, you are officially half way to your first birthday.  Oh, my!  How did you get to be so old?!
I do realize you turned 6 months old last week, but I'm just shooting for getting your monthly updates done at some point within the month.  I hope that works for you. ;)

You weigh 14lbs, 3.5 oz (20th %) and are 26.25 inches long (75th %).  You wear 3-6 month clothes and size 3 diapers (mainly because we ran out of 2s and the 3s fit! :).
You will finally go to sleep without throwing a fit.  We've had several nights and naps where you might whimper for a minute or not even make a sound at all.  It sure is easier putting you to sleep without you screaming! 

You got your hat off this week!!  We don't think it bothered you, but we sure are glad it's gone!  It being gone may be part of the reason you're going to sleep a little easier.  It sure is nice to see your whole face again and to be able to kiss you without looking for a place to actually reach you.  And I love that you can wear bows again! :)  We're so proud of how well you tolerated your hat, Jenny Kate!  You did such a good job!

You LOVE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  It's crazy!  When you hear it you start flapping around and making your little squealing noise.  It's so funny!  How does a 6 month old like a TV show so much? No worries, you two are only allowed to watch Mickey Mouse twice a day.  We can't have little TV junkies around here!  I'm pretty sure you would become one if we'd let you. :)

You're doing a really good job eating your baby food.  I think it's safe to say that you have mastered the spoon.  You're not picky (so far) with what you eat.  I guess anything is better than that yucky Nutramigen.

I thought you were getting two teeth, but I'm not so sure.  You still have those little white spots on your gums like they're thinking about coming through, but they've been there for weeks and haven't changed.  I'm not sure what they're waiting for but you sure are chewing like crazy to try to get them to break through.  Maybe you're not teething, who knows.  You love to chew though!

You put EVERYTHING in your mouth!  If you can reach it, it goes straight to your mouth.  Always.

You LOVE your brother!  He can make you laugh and smile like nobody else.  All he has to do is look at you and you get excited.  When he's talking to you you go crazy!  I could just watch the two of you play together all day.  Its so sweet!!

BUT....you're starting to get on Derrick's nerves a little too!  It's no big deal, it's your job as the little sister.  He's starting to realize you will take his things, and when you do, they go in your mouth.  He's not so fond of you putting his things (especially DD) in your mouth.   

You had your first (and I really hope last for a really, really long time) hospital stay this month.  It turned out that you had salmonella.  Yuck!  We have no idea how you got it, but you were a sick little girl for three weeks.  It was pitiful, but you were a trooper.  You're a tough little girl!  We're so thankful that you're all better now and hope we don't ever have to experience anything like that again.

Your favorite thing to do is blow "raspberries."  You do that constantly.  You should really wear a bib all the time because of all of the spit you get everywhere.  You're such a mess! :)

You're kind of attached to me right now.  You cry when you see me leave the room or if I walk away from you when someone else is holding you.  You even reached for me yesterday.

You are a dancer!  Any time you hear music you start bouncing around.  It's pretty funny!  We'll have to get that on video.
You are a wiggle worm!  You're kind of difficult to hold sometimes because you're so wiggly.  Even Dr. B told us we had a wiggly one.

Your absolute favorite time of day is bath time.  Once we start the water you start bouncing around, squealing and laughing.  You get SO excited!!  I think you'd stay in the bathtub for hours if we let you.   You love it!

Jenny Kate, 

You are such a joy for our family.  We absolutely love you and your bouncy, active little self.  You are so full of personality.  It seems like you've grown up so much just in the last few weeks.  I sure wish you could slow down!  We love you more than words can say, sweet girl!  We're very proud of how well you've handled all of the little bumps that have come your way; you've handled them like a champ.  

We love you to the moon and back, Girlfriend!

Mommy, Daddy, and D


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