Dear Santa,

"Dear Santa,

My name is Derrick and I am not three.  I have been a good boy this year.  I would like some cars, chips, and tools up in the sky.

My baby sister, Jenny Kate, would like cars too.  She would also like some puffs, a hair bow, and a baby sister.

I would also like some purple candy.  Can you bring some food for the dogs?  They don't want cars.

We will make you some cookies and leave you some spicy to drink.  We will leave the reindeer some dog food.

I love you!

Derrick Palmer Carter"

1.  These are all Derrick's words.  I asked minimal questions to help him get going (i.e. "what is your name, how old are you, have you been good, what do you want for Christmas, what does JK want, what about the reindeer?"

2.  "Spicy" is any carbonated beverage, mainly Mt. Dew. 

3.  Jenny Kate asking for a baby sister was quite a surprise when it came out of his mouth.  Neither of us were aware that JK was asking for a baby sister, however D has mentioned it several times since writing this letter.  We hope that Santa doesn't give our kids everything they're asking for.  At least not this Christmas!

4.  Neither of us have any idea what "tools up in the sky" means.