He's Baaa-aack!!

Oh, yes!  Flint is back!  I'm so glad he decided to show up because we sure have had some  ummm...difficult behavior lately!

He came with a note explaining everything to Derrick since he probably didn't remember him from last year.

Derrick has been somewhat excited, but sometimes he really doesn't care whether Flint is watching or not.  The other day during a particularly rough bout of not listening, I reminded Derrick that Flint was watching him and that he'd be reporting back to Santa about his behavior.  He looked at me and said, "I think he's not!"  Hmmmm....

Flint is a silly guy and has been in a few interesting spots to keep his watchful eye.  Even if Derrick doesn't think so, Justin and I have a fun time looking for Flint every morning. ;)

And just because I thought they were hilarious, a few outtakes from our Christmas card attempts.  (Please excuse them, I didn't bother with the editing!)