A Little Photog?!

He no longer wants to be my little model, but he sure did want to take pictures of Jenny Kate!  He grabbed his camera before we went outside the other day and said, "Mommy!  I want to take pictures of Jenny Kate!" 

He shot away, too.  Well, for about 2 minutes, then he was bored.  I got his camera when we came back inside and was going to upload his pictures to the computer so we could really see them.  What a BUMMER to find that he never turned the camera on while he was doing his little photo shoot! 

He toughed it out, yucky nose and all, just to get some shots of "Nudy"  (That's the latest...don't ask! :)  He got none, but he did let me get ONE, just one, of him!

This boy is growing up WAY TOO FAST! 


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