Project 52:1 :: Hardheaded

I've decided to do a Project 52 this year.  For Project 52, you take a picture each week that tells a story.  Mine is a story of my life right now, with the theme of 'Motherhood'.  I've seen several in cyber-world {my favorite being Shawna's on 'motherhood' over at Styleberry}.  I thought it would be fun to participate and 'motherhood' pretty much sums up a large majority of my world right now, so that seems most fitting for me. I'm excited to have this to look back on at the end of the year and hopefully print it into a book that I can keep forever.  I like the challenge it will bring to take the time to really look at what I see through my lens and what it says about life, right now.  One day these "mom of two, two and under" thoughts won't be so fresh in my mind, but they're definitely something I don't want to forget.

And as usual, I'm insanely behind, so all kinds of Christmas posts will be drizzled in as these babies give me a chance to get them together! :)  Hope you all had a happy New Year!

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If anyone else out there is doing a P:52 and wants to join in on the link fun, let me know and we can link each other up! :)