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Sunday, Jenny Kate will be NINE months old.  Holy cow!  Hopefully I'll have a little update on all things JK somewhere around then and I'll also fill you in on the details of the breakfast...other than just saying it ROCKED! :)

We have been in DIY mode over the last two weeks, which partially explains my absence here on the world wide web.  We're about 98% finished with a laundry room overhaul and about 50% finished with project #1 in the kitchen: wall removal.  These are the first big projects we've done since Jenny Kate arrived, and to say it's a little more difficult now is the understatement of the year!  Her busyness and love of putting all things in her mouth have added a little extra work for us this time, but we're getting there.  She just wants to be in on the action and I don't blame her a bit!

Once we get out from under the nine layers of dust that we've created and put some things back where they belong I'll post some before & afters.  :)

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If anyone else out there is doing a P:52 and wants to join in on the link fun, let me know and we can link each other up! :)


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