Zoo Day!

February + 78 degrees + sunny=

zoo day!!

We met up with friends this morning and explored the zoo all day.  I love that we have a great zoo 25 minutes away.  It's a perfect place to spend days like today. 

The bears were pretty frisky this morning.  Of course by the time I could grab the camera they were finished playing, but they were still entertaining.  Derrick loved them!

 We had a picnic and went to the farm.  We fed the goats and milked the cow.  They love "milking" the cow!

While the big kids were milking this little girl was just hanging out.  She can't wait to join the big kids!

We caught the trolley and went up to the gardens.  Derrick was so excited to ride the trolley.  Now that he knows that he can ride a "tra-we" at the zoo, I'm sure we'll be visiting the gardens on every trip.  It's such a beautiful place!   I don't think I've been to the gardens in six years...when Justin proposed! :) 

The kids were worn out by the time we left so I'm hoping for good nap time today.  I have a garden to map out and a few things to plant.  Today has left me with spring fever for sure!!

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