Cardiologist Visit and a Surgery Estimate

First of all, thank you all so much for your prayers for our little man.  As many times as we've been, cardiologist appointments are never easy.  I don't know if it's the fear of the unknown, or the fear of the known that makes it so scary.  Either way, we truly appreciate your love and support for us and especially for Derrick.

Jenny Kate stayed home with Papaw because she's a little too busy to go now.  We both have to be able to listen and think, and Jenny Kate doesn't think those things are necessary.  We weren't sure what this visit might entail (echo, ekg, etc), so we decided to make a little deal with Derrick before we went back.  We promised him a new monster truck (his newest obsession) if he was good and cooperative. 

He was an angel.  He was talkative to the nurse and to Dr. S, stood on the scale and let them measure his height without pitching a fit (22.6 pounds and 33 inches tall), sat completely still and silent through the sat check (it was Justin who almost busted out laughing because it was so quite in the room), let everyone, including a resident, listen to his heart, and sat through the blood pressure check.  He has never ever been cooperative for a blood pressure check at his routine visits.  He said it "tickled" him. :) 

He got a good report on everything!  Sounds good and looks good.  We couldn't have asked for better than that.  And while we were chatting about Derrick's half pound weight gain in three months (seriously, I can gain half a pound in a day or two) IT came up.

"Well, surgery will probably be the spring or summer when he turns four."  Barf.  "It doesn't look like he's going to hit the 30 pound mark anytime soon, but he should be tall enough by the time he's four. (They want the chest size larger for the Fontan, so they shoot for a certain height/weight to deem them 'big enough'.) You can go on vacation this summer.  Actually, you need to go on vacation."

Yikes.  He'll be four next April.  That means in ONE YEAR we'll be preparing for surgery. 

We were glad to know the timeline.  Glad to know that we can use some of Justin's vacation days and live it up this summer.  It's crazy.  We really wanted a good guess about when to expect surgery, yet now that we know it's kind of yuck.  We knew it was coming and we have a year to live it up.

And live it up, we will! :)

Sorry for no pictures.  They'll come tomorrow.  I have lots on my camera but haven't had a chance to upload them but I know some of you were waiting to hear. :)


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