Derrick's Birthday Day

Tradition has it that on April 20th, the Carter family takes a trip to the other side of town to enjoy a breakfast of sugary, 'hot now' goodness.  This year was no exception.  

I have to admit that I had a small moment of panic when we were getting ready to walk out the door. This is exactly where we headed, on D's 2nd birthday, when I fell out of our garage door and fractured my foot.  8 months pregnant.  I made sure NOT to wear flip flops! I had some small flashbacks but thankfully we were all safe.

We let the birthday boy pick out the doughnuts...well, some of them.   If we wouldn't have intervened a little we would have ended up with 11 chocolate with sprinkles  and one sugar coated one.  He felt like he picked them out anyway.

He was so excited!  I'm sad this picture turned out so blurry because it would have been really cute! 
{Lesson learned:  Take the good camera even if I do look like a crazy lady.  I'm pretty sure I did anyway but still ended up with yuck pictures.  Boo!} 

Jenny Kate had her first non-grocery store doughnut.  She was a fan.

A big fan.  She probably would have eaten doughnuts all day if we would have let her!  This one takes after her mama! :)

Derrick was VERY into his sprinkle doughnut.

And his chocolate one too.  But don't let him fool you, he didn't eat TWO doughnuts! (Although we sure would have let him!)   He took about two bites of the first one and maybe two bites of this one.  He just made them both all soggy so no one else would touch his once we got home.

Jenny Kate figured out how to drink out of a straw at KK.  We had no idea she knew how, but the girl wanted some lemonade slush and she figured out how to get it!  Now there is NO drink that is safe.

We had a yummy time with these two sugar-loaded kiddos.  

After KK we headed to the wonderful Walmart.  

We let Derrick pick out a toy for his birthday.  His real present isn't coming for a few weeks and we wanted him to have something, so he got to pick it himself.

There is a whole toy section and I don't think we left the Monster Truck isle.  The boy is obsessed!  He was so cute trying to decided on his purchase.  He kept saying, "Look Mommy!  This could be fun!"  I love watching him in the toy isle.  He never begs for anything but he sure enjoys looking.  He took his time and made his big decision.  

A combo pack of Avenger and the silver Grave Digger.  He already has that Avenger and at least two other Grave Digger trucks, but he wanted the silver one and he couldn't be happier with his choice!  (Although I know you can't tell that here!)  :)

Yesterday I took him for his 3 year old well visit.  Everything was great but we have to go back in six months for a weight check.  He weighed in at a whopping 22.8 lbs.  He's three.  Dr. B said he didn't want to wait a year to check his weight again, so I'm kind of panicking trying to figure out how to get the boy to gain weight.  I'm not sure what happens if he doesn't gain.  He weighs the exact same as he did when he was there in January.  When you're that small and that young, not gaining an ounce in almost 4 months is pretty much a weight loss.  I don't want to feed him trash just to make him gain weight.  I'm desperate for some advice!  I need some healthy, wholesome, nutritious foods to help this boy grow!  Anyone?!  Please!!


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