Magic Beans

Derrick found this little note and baggie on Easter-eve.

Inside the bag were magic beans!  We hurried (so quickly that we didn't even bother to wash the cheese off of his hands) outside to plant the magic beans.

Derrick got to work while Jenny Kate supervised. 

He took his job quite seriously.


We asked Derrick what he thought would happen with the magic beans and he said, "Maybe they'll grow way up high like in Ricki-ticki-tavi!"  (A little mix between Jack and the Beanstalk and Ricki-ticki-tavi...they're both in the same book. :)

The supervisor was excited to see what would happen too.

The beans worked their magic!  On Easter morning we went to check on the beans and....

Someone was pretty excited about the magic.  And the sugar.  It's too bad all but one of those suckers already magically disappeared.  :) 

I love that he's old enough now to have fun with 'magic'!  It brings the child-like excitement back into the holidays for us.  No worries, our boy knows the REAL reason for Easter.  Our Easter festivities coming soon.

PS I cannot take credit for this awesome magic bean idea, I swiped it from here.

PSS  If any of you locals haven't signed up for the Hope for BraveHEARTS Golf Tournament this Saturday you really should!!  Check our website for the details!!