Cardio Update :: Our Boy is Growing Up!!

We went yesterday for Derrick's standard 3 month cardiologist visit. As usual, we prepped him right before bedtime with what was going to happen: they'll check your numbers, squeeze your tummy, give your arm a hug (blood pressure), put jelly on your chest so they can look at your heart on tv, etc. He was all for it and ready. But we may not have been.

Derrick jumped on the scale and tipped it at a whopping 23 lbs (he was 22.6 in February, so we'll take that as a win). The nurse asked him to sit on the table so she could check his sats and blood pressure, and to our surprise, he got right on the table and sat there all by himself. Justin, JK and I sat in the chairs across from him as he sat there all by himself and let the nurse do her thing. He did exactly what she asked him to do and didn't move a bit.

It was at this point that we both fought back a little tear for lots of little reasons: 1) we have now been coming to see Dr. S, a cardiologist, for over THREE years, 2) our little boy is now big enough to let the nurse check him out all by himself, without being on our lap or crying and 3) that our little 3 year old has been through this routine so many times that it doesn't bother him a bit. It's part of his life and he's not scared of it. He looks at it as a way to earn the privilege of choosing where to go for lunch, ordering dessert, and most importantly, a way to earn a ring pop! It's kind of bittersweet.

When Dr. S came in and checked him out he said everything looked great and that he wanted to do an EKG this time. I must have given him a "look" because he quickly followed that up with, "Unless you just want to do an echo. If you want to do one, we can." Ha! Derrick hasn't had an echo in 9 months and we sure weren't waiting any longer! I'm not ok with that. That 'complex little heart' has way too much to hide to go that long without getting a good look over, so to the echo room we went.

I, being the overly-paranoid-reads-into-everything-mom that I am, had a little panic for a second. After the nurse had listened to D's heart she flipped back through his chart and said, "Oh, that's what I heard." I didn't bother to ask about it because I figured she was talking about the extra beat he has sometimes. After the echo, the tech said, "All finished. He's having an EKG, right?" That made me panic a little. It's crazy, I know, but I feel like I'm always waiting for something to go wrong. I like that we go to the cardiologist every three months and it would drive me crazy to wait longer, but every time we go I'm so afraid they're going to find something new.

Dr. S came in and said his echo looked great and that he'd see us in 3 months! I asked him if there was anything new going on with D's rhythm and he said that it was still doing exactly what it has been since after that first cath, so there was nothing to worry about. Predictable, steady, crazy rhythm = good.  Our homework:  push the calories.

Whew! Another 3 months of freedom. Yes!

(Derrick did reluctantly share the ring pop...sort of.  And I know it's gross that they're on the floor at a doctor's office, but seriously, there's only so much wrangling we can do! :)  Trust me, we're always armed with instant hand sanitizer!!)

Off we went with a ring pop-stained boy to Chick-fil-a for a "burger" ?? followed by a cookie sundae. Sounds like a recipe for weight gain for us, we'll see about the little guy! :)



The First Dip

For the past two months there has been a buzz of excitement at our house and it's finally almost ready!!

We couldn't stand it any longer, so we gave in and took our first dip, even if it was just on the steps.  Hopefully the green-ness will be gone today and we can go all the way in because I know one guy who can't stand it much longer...and the little guy is pretty excited too.  :)

I know the picture doesn't show a whole lot of excitement, but they were splashing around so much that at this point Derrick was freezing and Jenny Kate, well, she was probably trying to figure out how to get a way!

The pool has a story, and it wasn't something we'd planned on doing right now.  However, we don't always get to make the plans but we're pretty excited about how they turned out.  :)

We're off to the cardiologist this morning.  Ugh!  Have a great day!



Happy Birthday, Jenny Kate!!!

My baby girl turned ONE on Saturday!  ONE?!  Wasn't she just born a few months ago?  In true Shannon fashion, I didn't get her birthday post up on her birthday, so I'll have it in a couple of days.  I haven't gotten satisfactory pictures yet to go with it.  I mostly don't have pictures because the birthday girl has been a HOT MESS for the last week or so.  I've taken her to the pediatrician and she's been cleared for everything except teething.  And I think that's the culprit.  I sure wish babies could just get all of their teeth at one time.  There would be an awful week or two and then we'd be finished. I think everyone would be happier that way.  Why don't I get to make the rules?  

Anyway, since Jenny Kate's birthday was on the same day as her party, and since her parents are total procrastinators and had to do a million last minute party preparations the day of the party, we went to her special birthday place on Sunday after church.  I chose this one for her and I hope she likes it because she's stuck with it. :)  Since Derrick goes to Krispy Kreme on his birthday, we had to go a little more girlie for our girl...

What's more girlie than Cupcake?

 We decided on four different flavors that we could sample.  Super yum!!!

 Strawberry Waffle Cupcake

 Turtle Cupcake

Chocolate Chocolate Cupcake

And a Red Velvet Cupcake.   *My favorite!!*

Jenny Kate enjoyed her bites, but all she really wanted to do was run around.  Even the sugary goodness wouldn't keep her in her seat for long.

Since she's one now, she prefers to feed herself.  Always.

The only way she was semi-content was by sitting on the floor eating her cupcake.  I know, I know.  It looked pretty clean???

Bubba was pretty happy licking the cream cheese icing off of his red velvet cupcake. 

After about 30 seconds of eating her cupcake on the floor, Jenny Kate decided that was boring too.  Who wants to sit around and eat cupcakes when you can bolt to the door over and over while your mommy and daddy chase you?

I used to wonder why in the world parents would keep letting their toddler get down when they kept running away.  I'd watch: put baby down, baby runs away, go get baby, baby bucks and fusses, put baby down, baby runs away...and the cycle continued.  

Well, NOW I KNOW!!  It's much easier to chase a baby than try to hold her still while she stiffens her whole body and throws herself around until she makes her way down.  

It's definitely easier to chase baby.  

She's not a bad girl, just a busy girl.  She's oh, so busy!  

She's sweet, though.  Especially when she wants another bite of her cupcake!

Happy birthday, girlfriend!!  I hope you like Cupcakes! :)


Trying to sneak in a quick HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!  (Without getting busted)  Honey we love you more than you know.  We appreciate you taking care of us.  I love how you are raising our children in a Godly home and with love.  Thanks for everything you do.  We would be lost without you!!!!



Jenny Kate, Derrick, and the best husband ever (I think so anyway!!)


And I thought two was hard!

I want to go back and point to myself last year and laugh.  I thought having a two year old was challenging.  Ha!  A three year old...now that's TOUGH!  

Yesterday morning Derrick was the most helpful little thing ever.  I was trying to finish working on something and he wanted to help Jenny Kate drink her bottle then he went to the toy closet and brought her favorite toys out so she could play.  He was so sweet and gentle but then out of nowhere he was whining and screaming and yelling for no apparent reason.  It was literally like someone had flipped a switch.  Where did my sweet boy go and who is this little thing who sounds like he's had no home training?!  

In spite of the crazy tantrums and everything I do being wrong, we do manage to sneak in a few moments of three year old happiness.  One way to keep a smile on his face is to take him outside.

He enjoys being a total daredevil.  So much that he will eat a few more bites of food sometimes if we agree that when he gets bigger he can jump off of his monster truck tire by himself. 

Hours of happiness are added when you throw water in the mix. 

Even when that well water is extra cold,

 it's still tons of fun!

When he's stuck inside, Derrick is often happiest when he's taking care of "his" baby, Anna.  (Or Ay-nah, as he calls her.)  She cries a lot, so he has to hold her and burp her often.  He's a good little daddy.

He always makes sure she's well fed by asking for a snack for himself then feeding it to Anna.  I've had to do the finger sweep on Anna several times for goldfish and banana.  He understands that he has to ask before feeding Jenny Kate anything, but Anna...poor girl.

He has been teaching Jenny Kate how to play with cars.  She is actually very good at driving this little car around and has been seen scooting all over the kitchen floor driving this little car around.  He's also trying to teach her how to hand the car to people instead of throwing it, but he hasn't been so successful with that.  It's adorable to watch these lessons and he's a very patient teacher, he just has to duck while she's learning.

Derrick loves to "do a project" and his favorite thing to do right now is use a glue stick.  He doesn't mind if there's nothing to glue; drawing on paper with the glue stick makes him quite content.  We need to invest in more glue sticks.

He also still loves to paint!  He decorated my mom (Nona) a luminary for Relay for Life.  She's a breast cancer survivor and he was so proud to "paint a bag" for Nona. 

I really am enjoying how independent (oh, so VERY independent) my little three year old has become.  I love that we can have real conversations and that he loves to help us do things.  This really is a fun age, but it definitely isn't without it's challenges! :)

We've struggled through tantrums for the past few days and I'm really hopeful that they leave as quickly as they came!  I don't even want to hear about it if four is any worse because when he's four, JK will be two and...




We took the kids on a little mini 3 year/ 1 year photo shoot on Saturday.  All I'm saying is photographing someone else's children is so much easier than my own!  OMG!  

It was pretty toasty, Derrick hadn't had a nap and Jenny Kate is getting another tooth, so needless to say nobody was all smiles.   We got a few good shots, and looking through them quickly we found our favorite of Derrick.

I've seen this quote all over  the place (but have no idea who to give credit to...sorry!!), and as soon as I saw this shot it popped into my mind.  I know some of you saw this on Facebook already, but you know I have to have it here too.  :)  

Scars are tattoos with better stories.

Happy Monday!  I really hope I have some birthday party pictures to share with you soon!



The Bike Rider

A few weeks ago this little guy learned to ride his bike...with training wheels, of course. 

We bought this bike last year thinking since it was so small he would be able to ride it.  Ha!  I guess we thought kids just knew how to peddle or something.  I don't know.  Anyway, after making millions of circles through the house on the tricycle the boy became a pro peddler so he and daddy decided to bring out the 'big boy bike.'

When he started peddling that thing (and balancing it WAY better than he did last year), he was so proud!

And so are we! :)

This little guy is growing up way too fast!  Not only is he riding his bike now, but he's sleeping in his bed with no rails!  Next thing I know he's going to be off to college.  sniff!

And because I think the whole thing was absolutely precious, here's a little video so you can see it for yourself.  :)

P.S.  I promise, our children DO wear clothes!  ;)