The Bike Rider

A few weeks ago this little guy learned to ride his bike...with training wheels, of course. 

We bought this bike last year thinking since it was so small he would be able to ride it.  Ha!  I guess we thought kids just knew how to peddle or something.  I don't know.  Anyway, after making millions of circles through the house on the tricycle the boy became a pro peddler so he and daddy decided to bring out the 'big boy bike.'

When he started peddling that thing (and balancing it WAY better than he did last year), he was so proud!

And so are we! :)

This little guy is growing up way too fast!  Not only is he riding his bike now, but he's sleeping in his bed with no rails!  Next thing I know he's going to be off to college.  sniff!

And because I think the whole thing was absolutely precious, here's a little video so you can see it for yourself.  :)

P.S.  I promise, our children DO wear clothes!  ;)