The First Dip

For the past two months there has been a buzz of excitement at our house and it's finally almost ready!!

We couldn't stand it any longer, so we gave in and took our first dip, even if it was just on the steps.  Hopefully the green-ness will be gone today and we can go all the way in because I know one guy who can't stand it much longer...and the little guy is pretty excited too.  :)

I know the picture doesn't show a whole lot of excitement, but they were splashing around so much that at this point Derrick was freezing and Jenny Kate, well, she was probably trying to figure out how to get a way!

The pool has a story, and it wasn't something we'd planned on doing right now.  However, we don't always get to make the plans but we're pretty excited about how they turned out.  :)

We're off to the cardiologist this morning.  Ugh!  Have a great day!


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