We took the kids on a little mini 3 year/ 1 year photo shoot on Saturday.  All I'm saying is photographing someone else's children is so much easier than my own!  OMG!  

It was pretty toasty, Derrick hadn't had a nap and Jenny Kate is getting another tooth, so needless to say nobody was all smiles.   We got a few good shots, and looking through them quickly we found our favorite of Derrick.

I've seen this quote all over  the place (but have no idea who to give credit to...sorry!!), and as soon as I saw this shot it popped into my mind.  I know some of you saw this on Facebook already, but you know I have to have it here too.  :)  

Scars are tattoos with better stories.

Happy Monday!  I really hope I have some birthday party pictures to share with you soon!