Can't Keep Up

I can't seem to find the time to keep up with this lil 'ol blog right now so here's the past week or so of things that have been keeping me busy:

1.) Running.  I guess we can call it that now?  Justin and I signed up for the Ray Tanner Home Run, which is a 12K race in October.  Ask me how far I could run when I hit 'submit' on our race applications!  Ummm...not at all!  We're up to about two miles now (usually Justin goes more) which is a long way from 7.46 miles (gulp!!) but you have to start somewhere, right?!  I signed us up for motivation and it's working!  I'm finally starting to like it.  Once it's over at least! :)  

2.) Taking advantage of the cool-ish mornings to play outside.  Especially since we're up early now anyway!

3.) Trying to keep up with our fearless son.  He likes riding "Rodney" and being pushed way, way up high until he reaches the "lemons" (limbs) on the tree.

4.) Celebrating. We got concrete!  Everything finally dried out enough for them to pour our concrete.  Whew, so much better!

5.)  Trying to be patient.  Everything took a little longer than we thought for the pool to be finished because of the rain, so we had to bust it last week.  We had a party at our house for our friends who are moving away and time was ticking!  Over a two day period Justin and I put out a truckload of top soil around the pool followed by two pallets of sod.  Talk about a workout!  Especially in 95 degree sunny afternoons full of humidity.  It's finished though, and we couldn't be happier!

6.)  Trying to figure out what I'm going to do.  In a three month period my two best friends have moved.  Our husbands are friends, our kids are friends, and my girls, they're the best. We went to church together, kept each other sane on some of those insane feeling days of staying at home with little kids, hung out with our families on many weekends, and had an occasional girls night out.  It's so difficult to find really good friends as an adult.  Especially friends where the husbands like each other and the kids play well together too.  I don't understand why they all have to move, but I sure hope there's a plan for us who are left behind!  I'm so, so sad! :(
This is an old picture, but I sure do love these girls!!

The boys cashing in on their Father's Day presents in Charlotte last year!  So hilarious to watch!!

7.) Hanging out at the Library.  Derrick loves it, Jenny Kate loves to destroy it.  Needless to say it's one of those places I leave sweating instead of relaxed, but what do you do?  The girl's curious and I love it.

 8.)  Grocery shopping.  We go at least twice a week, and as long as they have "buggy cars" and free cookies we're in good shape.  For the first 15 minutes at least.   Another one of those places I leave sweating! :)

9.) Trying to relax.  And I guess my goal this week is to convince my son that his entire childhood is going to be photographed so it may be appropriate to wear something other than just underwear! :)

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