Huston, we have a swimmer! :)

Well, not a swimmer that can totally be trusted, but he's getting there fast!  Oh, my baby is growing up.  He's so, SO proud of himself and we're so proud of him too!

Check out my boy's skills.  :)

Jenny Kate has taken quite a liking to the water too, so here she is doing her thing.  She loves going under.  She gets all excited when she knows it's coming. 

They are loving the pool!

In case you're wondering about how our little stubborn girl is doing with her milk, as of about 3 days ago she decided she'd drink milk from a cup.  We just kept handing it to her and not making a big deal about it being milk.  I guess she figured out she wasn't going to win this one and gave in.  Thank goodness!  Thanks so much for all of your advice and support!  Y'all are the best!  :)  This parenting thing is HARD!  There are many days I'm not so sure I'm qualified!! 


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