A big day and a promise!

Before the big visit to the cardiologist we had to take a little detour.  We had to fill out paperwork for PRESCHOOL!!  I can't even talk about it right now, but here he is playing with his little friend, Lawson, this morning.

Derrick did a fantastic job at the doctor's office.  He helped check his own blood pressure (which was great) and he sat on the table by himself as the resident and Dr. S checked him out.  Dr. S said he sounded and looked great and that there had been no change.  No change for D = good news! 

Well, there was one change...on the scale!  Derrick Carter now weighs 24.2 pounds!  In case you don't remember, he's up an entire pound since the last visit three months ago!  That is something to celebrate!  :)

Of course the S word came up, but this time we were given a much more definitive answer about it.  Next summer.  Next summer?!  That's really far away and really close at the same time!  It's kind of a relief to have more of a time line though.  I think.  For now, anyway.

Jenny Kate was such a good girl at the visit and read her book quietly the whole time.  Ha!  Just kidding!  This lasted about 0.6 seconds, just long enough to snap the picture.  She really was good, though.  :)

We ran lots of errands after the appointment so Derrick decided he better take advantage of being able to release a little stress from the morning.  He decided the talk of preschool + surgery was a little too much for him to handle.

Once we got home the surgery talk continued.  Only it wasn't really surgery talk, it was after surgery talk.  This boy was promised a really special treat once he's all healed from the Fontan and it's been the main topic of conversation around this house for a while.  

What's the treat he's so excited about, you ask?  He was promised a trip to Disney World!  (And for the record, I'm not sure who's more excited, him or me! :)

After dinner D and daddy started looking up pictures of Disney World.

This is his excited face! Ha!

As they were looking, talk about Cars came up, so Justin decided to look up Disney Land.  Once Cars Land popped up on the screen it was over.  Our boy doesn't want to go to Disney World, he wants to go to Disney Land!  He wants to see McQueen! 

Oh, goodness!  

We live in South Carolina.  Florida is WAY closer than California!  But he loves Cars and he's been asking about flying on an airplane, so what did we do?  We told the boy he could go to Disney Land!  

But here's the catch.  You have to be 40 inches tall to ride most of the Cars rides.  Derrick is 35 inches tall (with no shoes).  So we set a goal and did what any good, level-headed parents would do.  We whipped out a sharpie and set a goal.

He has a long way to go!  We've told him how it's more important now than ever for him to eat, eat, EAT if he wants to go to Disney Land!  He says he can do it.  That's a lot of growing to do in the next year and a half or so, but he's a little behind so he has some room to catch up.  Let's hope he can do it! :)

And we're {secretly} on the lookout for some really tall shoes! :)

Thank you for for your prayers for Derrick.  We appreciate them way more than it is ever possible to say.  Please continue to remember him over this next year, that he stays healthy and continues to grow bigger and stronger.  It's important to him that he gets big enough to ride Cars, but it's important to the rest of us that his chest is big enough (especially because of his dextrocardia) to perform the Fontan under the most ideal circumstances.  :)

P.S.  If you missed NY Med on ABC Tuesday night, I highly recommend it.  They featured the birth and surgery of a heart baby.  If you haven't been through that experience personally, it gives you a little peek of what it's like.  We didn't watch with dry eyes! 


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