Goggles, Little Helpers, & and Appointment

We were walking along in Target the other day when Derrick looked up at one of the huge pictures on the end-cap and gasped.  "Wook, mommy! He has jet skis.  And goggles!"

My boy has been wanting a pair of goggles for a while now, and seeing his excitement, he not only got the goggles, but his "jet skis" too.  I didn't have the heart to tell him that they're not jet skis, they're torpedoes.  Anyway, he was so excited that he insisted on carrying them around the store himself.  Along with Lightening.  Saying his hands were full is an understatement, but it was so cute watching him walk around the store with all of his goodies.  :)

When we got home the boys snuck out to the pool to try out the new toys while the girls prepared dinner.

Somebody was NOT happy that she had to stay inside with me and in an attempt to make her happy enough to let me fix dinner, I pulled out the kitchen helper.  She LOVED it!

I was kind of nervous that she was too small but it was perfect for her.  She didn't try to escape (which is a REAL shocker!).  She was my little helper.  How did she get big enough for this?!

Derrick's quarterly cardiologist visit is Tuesday.  Of course that leaves me with a lump in my throat and flutters in my stomach, even though I have no reason to be concerned.  I'm guessing that at either this visit or the next that we'll be talking about an anticipated Pre-Fontan heart cath timeline so that gets me a little extra nervous.  I'm also holding my breath that Derrick has broken the 23 pound mark.  I've been trying to pack in some extra calories everywhere possible, so we'll see if we've had success there.  I'll keep you posted.

I want to leave you with a poem that a fellow heart mom, Stephanie Husted, wrote.  If you've been involved in the "heart world" for any length of time you've probably read some of her work.  She's the voice for so many of us who just can't get it out, and she does it beautifully.  This is exactly how I've been feeling lately:

I had a dream the other night,
Oh what a conversation!
God had come to talk to me,
About our situation.
I've heard your prayers,
He whispered,
You ask for clarity,
So I am here to answer you,
Ask what you'd like of me.

I said, "Oh Lord, thank God your here",
And then I had to smile,
I'm thanking you, but here you are,
You have been all the while.
Sometimes I get discouraged,
Of what might lie ahead,
I know I should not worry,
I know that's what you said,
But what if things get difficult,
Lord, how can I prepare?,
I fear that I may face a trial,
Too difficult to bear.
So tell me Lord, I need to know,
How can I live in today?

He looked at me with eyes sincere,
And then he murmured..."Pray".

But what lies in our future?
Can we somehow endure?
Give me something solid please,
I just want to be sure.
I'd like one dose of certainty,
To see me through each trial,
Can't you make life "perfect",
Just for a little while?
I'm doing everything I can,
Please help me learn to cope,

God took my hand with-with just a sigh,
And then he whispered, "Hope".

"Oh Lord, you know I always do,
I won't give up this fight!
I lean on faith to see us through,
Somehow, we'll be alright.
And life may not be easy,
(That's why I often whine)
But still, there are those moments,
When I see your grand design.
A life you've filled with purpose.
A plan I can't yet see,
Each footstep marked before us,
You've walked them, so shall we."

Will our lives be perfect?
Will we never grieve?

God wrapped his arms around me,
And then he said..."Believe".

Life's storms don't come silently,
They come with thunderous rain,
I know I must remember,
To seek you through my pain.
Laughter helps the heart to hope,
Hope silences my fears,
Storms may come, but I believe,
I will stand in the midst of my tears.
I'll pray, I'll hope and I'll believe,
But Lord, what if I fall?
What advice will save me?
What matters most of all?

And in my dreamy, sleepy state,
He said, "Don't let troubles upset you",
But if you fall, beloved child,
Know, who is here to catch you.

~Stephanie Husted


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