Derrick desperately needed a haircut.  My friend who had been cutting his hair moved (almost ALL of my friends moved this summer!!), so I wasn't really sure where I was going to take him.  He solved that problem quickly by telling me that he wanted daddy to cut his hair. 

Great!  That's easy and cheap.  The only drawback to that is daddy knows one cut.  Short!  He wanted it short, so short he got.  

He went from this:

to this (poor photo quality but HUGE difference in hair!):

to this:

A little side-by-side

I think it's adorable, even if all he can give me is a serious face.  I can't decide if he looks older or younger, but he definitely looks different.  Such a cute little different! :)

Not to be outdone with hair differences, girlfriend was up for a change too.

Not that they lasted long or were even remotely easy to get in, but I love them nonetheless.  

Now it's my turn.  I'm in DESPERATE need of a hair cut!

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