For the past few days we haven't been able to stand staying inside.  Sadly, I think our pool days are over but we're welcoming the cooler weather with open arms!  And doors!

Derrick has been determined to become a pro bike rider.  {I know, he usually wears a helmet.  He usually refuses shoes.}

Yesterday, when these pictures were taken, nap time didn't go so well.  As a result, bike riding time mostly looked like this:

Being in a rotten mood usually results in not being a good listener.  He went looking for a golf ball and this is what he found:

He did eventually get happy,

until it was time to go inside. 

It was Jenny Kate's fault that nap time was a bust, but she held it together pretty well.

She stopped to smell the flowers,

chased Andy,

found all kinds of things to try to eat.

She was her usual happy, busy little self.

To celebrate the cool-ish weather, we enjoyed the taco soup that was waiting for us inside.

It was a hit.

Derrick said, "Why does Jenny Kate have corn on her head?"  
"I don't know Buddy, she's just messy." I said. 
He smiled and said, "She looks like an angel."  
Ha!  I guess that's one way to look at it.

Doodie, our k-9 sweeper, patiently waited to clean up taco soup off the floor.  Parents of small children, I don't know how you survive without a dog for kitchen clean up.  For real.

Jenny Kate ended the evening soaking up the last bit of sunlight as she played with her latest obsession,

beads.  The girl is hooked, I tell you!

Thankfully, today everyone woke up in a good mood and we headed to the zoo.  We spent the morning with Jenny's sister, niece, and cousin.  They do my heart so much good! 

The animal statues were the highlight of the trip for the kids.

For me, it was brown bear being cozy on his rocks,

watching the elephants drink water ( I mean, it blows my mind that he didn't gag himself!),

and feeding the giraffes. 

I love the zoo,  I love fall, I love hanging out with friends who give me little reminders of the friend I miss so much, and I love hanging out with my babies.  Even when they're rotten.

Welcome, fall! :)


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