My boy is THREE AND A HALF!!

My Cheeky,

As you know, birthdays are kind of a big deal around here.  I feel like we just celebrated your third birthday but somehow it's already been six months! Three and a half. Wow, where does the time go?  I was looking back at your two-and-a-half years celebration and your looks really haven't changed much, but your personality...you're a totally different kid!  Here's a snippet of what you've been up to: 

You are now 34 inches tall and weigh 24.8 pounds.  You've grown almost an inch since your 3 year well visit and gained over a pound!  Dr. B was super impressed with your growth when we went in for your weight check the other day. (Thank you Pediasure!!)

During prayers the other night daddy asked you what you were thankful for. You very seriously responded, "Aspirin." We are too, buddy. We are too. Ha!

You try your very best to keep Jenny Kate under control. I'm sorry to say you don't typically succeed (often times none of us do), but you try to keep her in line. Surprisingly enough she often listens to you.

Your sister thinks you hung the moon.

This summer we had some real problems with the deer eating our garden.  You loved going down and peeing around the perimeter of the garden to keep the deer away.  (Hey, it's one of the perks of being a boy and it really helps.  Whatever!)  One day as I was getting ready to leave the house, you followed me outside and said, "Mommy, remember...if you have to pee pee outside, go over there (pointing to the garden) because it helps keep the reindeer away."  Then you told me goodbye and went back inside.  I'm not sure what made you think of it but it sure did make me chuckle.  Funny boy.

You've really gotten good on your bike! We were outside the other night and you were zooming all over the place. You've figured out that when you get stuck you just have to use your body a little to get that bike going. You also stood up a few times when you were going up the hill. Daddy and I both looked at each other in disbelief. We're not sure where you picked up these skills all of a sudden!

You have a full blown attitude and you know how to use it! You can go from a big helper to a sobbing mess on the floor in .5 seconds flat. I'm hoping this goes away soon??

You're obsessed with pointing out every D you see.

You're sleeping in underwear now! Honestly, you probably could have done this a long time ago but I wasn't ready to deal with it. You rarely kept a dry pull-up at night, but you're one of those, "if you have it, use it" kind of kids.

The second night you slept in underwear you got up and went to the bathroom by yourself. Apparently you peed on your shirt a little so you got a new shirt out of your dresser then went back to bed. You never even called for us! The only reason we knew anything about it was because Daddy noticed you had on a different shirt than you did when he put you to bed. Who is this 3.5 year old anyway?!

You're loving preschool. Oh, what an answer to prayer that is!

You enjoy dressing yourself and putting on your own shoes and socks. You also like to help Jenny Kate put on her shoes and socks. Of course, if I need you to get dressed so we can hurry up and get out of the house you absolutely refuse to be helpful...but you're three (and a half!!) and I guess you're supposed to be hard-headed.  

You and Jenny Kate were lying on our bed the other day before I took you upstairs for your nap.  You were trying to convince JK to sleep in our bed and you were trying to cover her up.  She kept flinging her legs all over the place and kicking the covers off and you said, "Come on, Jen!  You're wearing me out!"  Ha!  Oops!  I guess you've heard that before.  :)

CeCe (from Disney's Shake it Up) still comes to visit often. You actually made me fix her a plate at dinner one night because she came to eat with us. An empty plate was not ok, she had to have the same amount of food you did. CeCe goes places with us but she usually follows us in her own red car. Apparently she's too cool to ride with you and and the rents. :)

CeCe, Rocky, and a Moose (I'm assuming from If You Give a Moose a Muffin) came over the other day during dinner and they fixed their plates and went upstairs to the playroom to eat.  You got very upset with me because I would not let you take your plate to the playroom and eat with your "friends."  I kind of wish I would have let you just so I could have watched.  Maybe next time.  :)

Some days I think you're trying to outgrow your nap.  On school days you're usually pretty tired, but on the days you don't have school you sometimes don't want to nap.  You always go to your room (because Mommy really has to have that time...you'll understand one day), but some days you play with your racetrack first.  I think you have to take the time to convince yourself that you still do need that nap and it usually happens after you've been playing for a little while.  Today was one of the days where you wanted to play first.  You were on the floor driving your cars and said, "Ok Mommy, 'wove' you night night.  Oh, wait!  Can you say 1, 2, 3 DD so I can go to bed when I'm ready?"  So I did "1, 2, 3 DD" on your empty bed so when you were sleepy enough you could climb under DD and our routine would still be complete.  It made me smile and it made me realize how much our routines mean to you.  I love that we have those special things we do at bedtime.  I know we won't always do "1, 2, 3 DD" but it's something I definitely won't ever forget.  :)

One day after your nap I noticed that you had on a pair of plaid shorts.  (You change clothes often during nap time.  Not good for a laundry loathing mama!)  Every day you started insisting on wearing plaid shorts to bed and around the house; you even opened the dryer and dug through the clothes until you found those shorts.  Sunday morning you wanted to wear the shorts under your pants and that's when we finally really figured out what was going on.  You want to be just like Daddy!  I guess Santa will be on the lookout for some miniature plaid boxers!  Ha!  I can't wait to see you in those! 

Over these past few months you have grown up SO much!  Sometimes you seem so aware of everything around you that I honestly have to remind myself that you're only three.  You've become so mature and helpful at times that I could swear you are 7 instead of 3!  Then there are those "three year old" moments that make me want to crumble on the floor just like you're doing because of those crazy mood swings and tantrums.  I know it's part of growing up, and it seems lately that there have been less of those crying fits and more of the big boy moments.  I'll take either and love you to pieces no matter "which Derrick" you're being at the moment.  I love that we can have real conversations about things and that you understand so much.  You are such a little sponge and Daddy and I are both amazed sometimes at some of the things you say and do.  These past three-and-a-half years have been the best years of our lives. 

We love you to the moon and back, Sweet Cheeks! :)

Mommy, Daddy, and Jenny Kate


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