30 Days of Thankfulness :: Day 11 :: Impressionable Lives

Derrick goes into "big church" with us now.  He's too old for the nursery and we're not ready to fight the battle that may break out if we attempt Children's Church (although we have made lots of progress lately here and here!).  Anyway, Justin had to leave the service a few minutes early to go to work so it was just D and me.  After finishing a whisper argument about how yet another pack of sweet tarts was not ok, I looked over to see this:

30 Days of Thankfulness :: Day 11 :: Impressionable Lives

A kid "following along" in the hymnal at church is nothing extraordinary and I'm sure I've even seen Derrick do this before.  But today instead of it just being something to keep him occupied for a moment or it just being cute, it made me realize how impressionable kids are.  I knew this, but sometimes it's more apparent than others.  Derrick has been asking about the Bible a lot lately.  The other day I was trying to get ready and he came in the bathroom and said, "Mommy, I want to read the Bible like you and Daddy do."  I stopped what  I was doing and walked into our bedroom and handed him our Bible.  He said, "Can you read it to me?"  So Derrick, Jenny Kate and I sat on the bed and Derrick randomly turned the pages of the Bible and I read until he was ready to turn the page again.  I was shocked at how long he sat there and listened to me read.  A few days later, as we were reading bedtime stories, Derrick picked up his Children's Bible Story book and said, "I want to read the Bible all the time like you and Daddy do."  This made me proud yet very convicted.  I really don't think he has ever seen us read the Bible.  He sees it beside our bed, and may have seen one of us pick it up on occasion, but we have not been good examples of daily quiet time with God.  We certainly don't do it nearly as much as we should!  So today as I watched him in church with his hymn book, looking at the pages like he knew exactly what was going on, I realized how thankful I am that God has trusted us with two little impressionable lives to mold and teach.  It's an overwhelming task if I really think about it, and I can't say I'm always a great example of how I want my children to be, but I'm ready for the challenge.  I know as we try to raise Godly children, our children will bring us so much closer to Him.

(I had a mini internal battle about whether or not I should snap a picture in church, but I figured since people were getting up for communion and it wasn't in the middle of the sermon or prayer or something, it was ok. { I hope!}  Of course, as he saw me reach down into my purse to dig out my phone (hopeful that I would pull out more sweet tarts I'm sure) he looked at me so I couldn't capture the real moment.  Trying to be discrete about the pictures in church also explains the very odd composition of the picture, but a mama's gotta sacrifice sometimes.  :)


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