30 Days of Thankfulness :: Day 21 :: Productivity

Oops.  I skipped a few days of documenting my thankfulness.  I have the pics I just haven't gotten around to posting them.  I'll put them up soon.  If you've read this blog for longer than a week you aren't surprised, right? :)  I impressed myself by making it 15 days in a row! Ha!


30 Days of Thankfulness :: Day 21 :: Productivity

Today I'm thankful for productivity.  There are so many days that I cannot tell you what in the world I actually accomplished, so I get excited when there's some scratching off the to-do list. Today we surprisingly got a lot done, but my favorite accomplishment is our new "art" beside the table.  We've had these pictures of the kids hanging in the kitchen for a while now, but today we finally added Derrick's blessing above it.  I love looking at their food-covered faces and reading that sweet blessing he says.  Makes me smile.  :)

We did lots of cooking today, a little cleaning, some kid Christmas tree decorating, and a run.  Now it's time to put kiddies to bed and watch this week's Parenthood! :)

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!