30 Days of Thankfulness :: Day 5 :: Promises

Shockingly I'm still on top of this after 5 days.  I mean, the day is almost over, but still.  This is big for me!  :)  I've been going through each day really trying to be aware of all of the little blessings I have in my life and I think this little project is good for me.  

We were playing outside today in this awesome fall weather and I was pretty sure I was going to capture a moment with one of the kids that would spark an idea.    Of course I took some pictures, and of course there are so many things that the kids did/said that I am thankful for, but nothing that felt right for today.  Then we walked around to the back yard and in the (sad looking) flower bed there were four butterflies fluttering around.  The three of us stopped in our tracks to take in their beauty.

30 Days of Thankfulness :: Day 5 :: Promises
 There have been a few things heavy on my heart lately, and seeing these butterflies reminded me that there is nothing that I could be more thankful for than God's promises.  No matter what life throws our way He has a plan.  And He promises us a life of more perfectness and beauty than we could ever imagine as long as we believe in Him and trust in His promise.  I'm thankful for beautiful little butterflies, but I'm so thankful that we serve such an awesome God!

And a few little snippets of our time outside this morning:

Playdough (or "Pee-do" as JK says) is no longer allowed inside or on the screened porch, so we had to get creative.   They're obsessed.

Derrick got bored with the playdough, especially after it was covered with dirt and leaves.

Jenny Kate decided that eating the "pee-do" was much better than actually playing with it. 

I sure do love these crazy kids! :)

I also want to ask that you please keep our friend Reagan in your prayers.  She was born with HLHS and had a transplant when she was a baby.  She has been through a LOT and is an amazing fighter and such strong little girl, but she is pretty sick right now and she and her family could really use your prayers.  Please, please pray for her!!