A BraveHEARTS Update

 Since CHD Awareness week/month is creeping up on us I figured it's about time for a little Hope for BraveHEARTS update for y'all.  :)

In December we went down to MUSC for our annual Ronald McDonald House dinner, blanket giving, and donation making.  Our goal each year is to donate more than the year before.  This is our fourth donation, and every year our goal has been met because we have amazing people who support us and make it possible.  I'm so excited to share that the 2012 Hope for BraveHEARTS donation was $13,500!  

Of course we realize that this is barely a drop in the bucket for what is needed for the grossly underfunded yet insanely common beast that is a Congenital Heart Defect. 

While we are tiny, we received a personal letter from the Chief of Pediatric Cardiology at MUSC, and this is part of what he said:

You should feel assured that the funds you donate are being put to good use.  The important thing about the money you raise is that it provides "discretionary" funds that can be spent on any worthy project, which is not true for most of our accounts, even dedicated research grants.  One example occurred just this week when I approved the purchase of a minus 70 degree freezer, at a cost of about $10,000, to hold research samples being collected by Dr. Graham, as well as other cardiology investigators.  In addition, this year we are supporting a funding gap for one of our research labs that is investigating the genes that control heart development and working on stem cells that could replace the heart's natural pacemaker cells when they are damaged.  These types of activities would not be possible without your generous support and that of others.

Y'all, I had to wipe away a tear.  It is worth it, and it does matter.  No matter how small.  

I'm happy to report that we have officially donated $35,000
to CHD research.  We are beyond grateful for every single person who has made a donation, no matter how large or small, for every breakfast patron and server, every golfer, every person who has donated items for the BraveHEART Baskets, everyone who has bought t-shirts, cookbooks, and everyone who has ever said anything at all about Hope for BraveHEARTS.  Because not a penny of this (or a basket) would be possible without all of these people.  

We are grateful.  We are joyful.  We are HOPEFUL!  
We thank you!

We love being able to serve at the RMH.  Its so oddly emotional, but we love it.  While we were waiting on the rest of the crew we took a little photo opp with Ronnie.  Isn't he cute?!  :)

Texas Roadhouse came through with another amazing treat for the families.  Mouth watering pulled pork, salad, green beans, mashed potatoes, rolls and that amazing butter! The butter alone is reason enough to visit Texas Roadhouse!  We are so grateful for their support in feeding the families such a great meal.  They always bring enough that we can take back over to the hospital to feed the PC staff and families who are there too.  They're such a blessing!

I wanted to let all of you locals know that it's time for our annual pancake breakfast!  It's delicious and you'll get the best service in town.  Ha! :)  We'd love to have a huge crowd and we'd love to have anyone within driving distance to come!  You know you want some pancakes!
We're also having another t-shirt design contest this year.  We sold the heck out of our most recent shirts that were designed by Logan.  We're looking forward to having another awesome shirt, so if anyone (no matter where you live) is interested in drawing a design for our new shirts we'd love to have it!  It needs to be done by a child and have "Hope for BraveHEARTS" somewhere on it.  Here's a (terrible quick phone) picture of the shirts we're selling now:
 Yellow closet light makes a blue shirt look purple.  We're wearing the shirt in the pic above, which is a way more accurate color!  And yes, we just placed another order for them and have them for sale if anyone wants one!  They're $10...and we still have a few cookbooks too.  :) 

We hope to have a new shirt for sale next year so get to drawing!  You can scan the pic in and email it to me by Jan. 30th and we'll vote at the breakfast then put them online for voting.  $1 per vote.  And of course the winner gets a free shirt! :)

Thanks to all of you for all of your support.  We really appreciate it more than we can ever express!!


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