Our Weekend & Getting Back Into Things

In an effort to get back into this blogging thing that I've let slip away, here's a snippet of our weekend in iPhone pics. :)

We celebrated Justin's birthday by going to our favorite Mexican restaurant.  Cheese dip is a requirement.  And I now officially have someone who loves it as much as I do, which makes me happy and sad at the same time.

Jenny Kate was completely satisfied with the chips and salsa.  She literally sat in the chair and only asked for "mir pease" (more please) for at least 30 minutes.  She was enjoying her little bowl of heaven.

Saturday morning we headed to the park.

Jenny Kate is such a little girl now.  I don't know where my baby went!

I love this picture! :)

After the park we headed to the Farmer's Market.  I love the Farmers Market!  Local grass-fed beef, homemade ravioli, real lemonade, soft, fresh, whole wheat bread and kettle corn are my favorites!

We got there a little late so the bread lady was sold out and I guess it was too cold for the fresh squeezed lemonade people to come, but we left with lobster ravioli, beef, and kettle corn.  Well, some of us left with kettle corn.

They have an ice skating rink set up temporarily, which attracted quite a crowd. A crowd that even included clowns!  I guess they were there promoting the Circus that's coming in a few months, I'm not sure.  Derrick shocked me and enjoyed chatting with the clown.  The clown asked him if he and JK were married.  He said yes.  Ha!  He makes me laugh!  JK wasn't impressed.  She was way more worried about her kettle corn to fool with some silly clown.

There were two huge black dogs there that D was dying to pet.  We had a little chat about how you don't just go up to dogs and pet them (since we have 5 he's not the least bit afraid) and  I told him he had to ask their owner if it was ok.  He walked right up to the guy and said, "Excuse me sir, can I pet your dog 'pwease'?"  It was the most adorable thing I've seen in a long time.  The guy thought it was cute too and of course he let him pet his dogs.  I may or may not have had a tear watching that little exchange.  Just look at my little big boy!

We managed to save a little bit of kettle corn for Justin as a treat after work, but not much.  And he had to share what we'd saved him.  Looks like we may be back at the Farmers Market again this Saturday for a refill!  :)


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