Cardio Update

I'm so sorry to those of you who were waiting on this!!

D had a cardiology check up yesterday...the last one before surgery. Where, oh where, did the time go and how on earth do we see a surgeon before we see Dr S again!?

We were nervous. Derrick...not so much. :)

While we waited, Derrick and Daddy sang songs.  It was quite entertaining. 

We started the appointment with the usual height and weight check.  His height was the same, but he now weighs a whopping 25.8 lbs!  Pediasure is working, y'all!  That's a 1.1 pound gain in three months.  That's huge for Derrick!  If he can put on another pound before surgery time that would be awesome!

Blood pressure was great and his sats were 86!  Derrick hasn't had sats that high without oxygen ever that I can remember.  Honestly, if he wasn't going for a cath soon I'd probably be alarmed about that. 

He's a good little patient.  :)

Dr. S said he looked and sounded good and sent us for an echo.  As soon as Dr. S walked out of the room D looked at me with big nervous eyes and said, "Am I going to have surgery now?"  My heart sank.  We reassured him that we wouldn't take him to surgery without him knowing ahead of time and made sure that he knew the echo room was quite different from the operating room.  (At his last appointment he pointed in this room and told us that's where his surgery would be.  Poor guy.  Not a clue!)  Any nervousness quickly disappeared when the ring pop was pulled out.   Oh, how I wish ring pops could calm my nerves like they calm his!

He was a champ with the echo and everything looked good.  
MUSC should call us this week to schedule the pre-Fontan cath.  As long as everything goes as planned surgery should be within two weeks of the cath.  The plan is to let Derrick celebrate his birthday (April 20) then all of this fun will begin.  We're both torn.  We're so ready to get it over with, yet so not ready for it to happen.  

Pre-surgery anticipation is a beast.  

But surgery is an option, and for that we are beyond thankful.   We know He has this sweet boy snuggled in His arms.

If anyone has any suggestions about how to prepare Derrick for what's coming, we'd love to hear them.  There wasn't much preparing at 8 days or at 9 months.  But 4 years....

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