I Ain't Gonna Paint No More!

So I was informed this past week by several people that it had been over a month since I'd blogged.  Oops.  Where do the hours go?  In an effort to catch up (ha, yeah right!), here's some fun we had oh, a month or so ago.  :)

The book I Ain't Gonna Paint No More! by Karen Beaumont is a favorite around here.  The first time I read it I kind of thought about removing it from our rotation.  I mean, the kid paints himself after being told not to, not to mention I really don't want my kids walking around saying "ain't."  We all have enough against us in the speaking department being from the south, we don't really need to encourage "ain't".  The kids loved it so much and it really is fun, so I kept it.  They know all the words and request it at least 4 times a week.  But of course....of course they wanted a chance to paint themselves too.  So paint they did, reciting the words from the book the entire time.  {This sounds like a commercial or some kind of ad, but really, it's not.  Just something my kids love!}

"I ain't gonna paint no more no more, I ain't gonna paint no more!"

"So I take some red and I paint my...HEAD!"

"Like an Easter egg, gonna paint my....LEG!!"

"But I just can't stand not to paint my....HAND!"

"Still I ain't complete till I paint my....FEET!"

"I can't rest till I paint my....CHEST!"

Most loved afternoon activity ever.  Hands down!

The best part may have been the water play!

But well water is kinda cold.  :)

After running through the water for a little bit and a quick soak in the tub they were good as new and ready to do it again!