Lake Hartwell

A few weeks ago we made our first trip to Lake Hartwell, GA to spend the weekend with some of our favorite friends.

Andy knew something was up and he didn't go far as we were packing.  He was determined to go!  Poor guy refused to get out of the car so we drove him to our neighbor's house to make him feel better. 

 This cute little house was the perfect space for all of us and it's 25' deep water at the end of the dock was awesome!  Justin tried and tried several times to make it the bottom but his ears just wouldn't let that happen.  That's some deep water to be back in a cove!  It was great because I cannot stand for my feet to touch the bottom of the lake, and let me tell you, the adults did a lot of floating in that water! :)

We spent the weekend fishing,


and soaking in the beauty.  

 We made a new friend, "Jazz" or "Shirley" or whatever felt appropriate to call her at the time,

and we loved on her a lot.  Especially JK.  She was a big fan!

She even followed us inside and refused to leave!  The kids were convinced somebody was taking her home and she was cool with the idea. 

Poor Jazz.  She thought she'd hit the jackpot.  The kids were so sad when they woke up the next morning and found out she had moved on. 

Derrick caught his first fish, which was hysterical, considering he was the size of a minnow.  

Two inches may have been an exaggeration! :)

Jenny Kate got bored with the fishing pretty quickly

and preferred to throw rocks in the water while everyone else fished.  

This was most definitely her favorite part of fishing!

 Despite JK's antics there were slightly bigger fish caught.
The boys didn't give up,

and now we have a slightly obsessed little fisher on our hands.

They finally did catch a decent one!

We did lots of swimming,

and lots of worm carrying while shouting "worm boy, worm boy" as loudly as possible.

Over and over.  While also stealing people's shoes.

Both nights we had dance parties.  They were SUPER fun!!  Anytime Jenny Kate sees a glow stick now she thinks we're supposed to be dancing.  :)  

 The kids were mesmerized by the sparklers,

and I must admit, there is something magical about them.  

I couldn't stop looking at the sweetness of their little faces in the sparkling light.  

Sunday morning before leaving we had popsicles for breakfast.  This breakfast of champions was taken very seriously.

We had an awesome weekend and sure were sad that it was over!  We're thinking this trip will be an annual event, and we can't wait until next year! :)

In fact, we had so much fun that this guy was out within minutes of getting in the car.  Gotta be the sign of a great trip!